DIY Cabinet Makeover

Do you have a piece of furniture like this that is longing for a redo?  It is so easy to transform a cabinet, dresser or table to fit your current decor style and your current color palette with Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint.  With so many paint options on the market it is hard to know which one to choose, so let us make it easy for you…. our paint will cover just about any surface, no sanding, no priming, 1-2 coats, dries to a beautiful smooth finish, no pre-mixing, colors can be blended to make new colors, no top coat required, indoor and outdoor use, soap and water clean up, apply with brush or roller, no special storage requirements and best of all the finished product is AMAZING.  So to sum it up, this paint just does what it is suppose to do and we have to warn you, once you start painting it is a little addicting, but we can help you with your new addiction with creative DIY ideas to keep the inspiration flowing like this oak cabinet with out of style hardware, missing knobs and out of date style, watch what happens.


We suggest removing the drawers, cabinets and hardware.  If your hardware could use and update, but you don’t want to buy new, simply paint them with one of the Tattered Angels High Impact Paints in metallic or pigment colors or with the Decor and DIY paint and you will get a great new look.


Now you are ready to paint, that is all the prep work you need, no sanding, no priming, no base coat…yes it is that simple.  We suggest sanding off any areas of splinters, but other than that none required.  You will also want to make sure the surface is clean, just a little soap and water and let it dry and then you are ready to paint.  Grab a brush you like, we suggest you don’t purchase the cheapest one, choose one that fits well in your hand and with nice bristles, the paint will go on so much better and you will be happier with the results.  Keep in mind that this paint paints anything, including your brush, to keep it from drying place your brush in a plastic bag and seal airtight or wash it out in-between painting with soap and water, quick and easy.

IMG_3194.JPGThe paint is fun to work with and you can get different looks – just add a touch of water and you make a wash where the grain of the wood shows through, add one coat for a light paint coverage or two coats for complete coverage.  If your surface is really slick and paint is having a bit of an issues adhering, paint a think coat all over and allow it to dry completely, then paint your next layer and it will help the paint adhere easily.


Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint – Amber is  a great home decor orange that will bring a vintage piece of furniture to life. The inside of the cabinet is all Amber.

22707-decor-amber_largeApply 1-2 coats depending on the depth of color you would like.


The outside of the cabinet was painted with a combination of Decor & DIY Paint Ivory and Tan, mixed 1/2 and 1/2. You can add a bit more Tan to lighten it or a bit more Ivory to lighten the color.  Keep in mind that the paint will dry lighter, so it is always a good idea to test the paint first to see how it will dry.  Test on a similar color base to get the truest color.

22585-decor-ivory_large 22677-decor-tan_large

Paint the sides of the cabinet, the doors and the inside.  You can choose to leave the hardware as is or paint it, we suggest removing the hardware to protect from paint and if painting it paint separately.


The transformation is amazing and the room is brightened up with just a little prep work, a few coats of paint and a bit of clean up.

IMG_3206.JPG The contrast of the colors inside and out is so on trend and leaving the top doors off to open up the display space is so smart.  Save the doors, you never know what creative idea might come to mind.



Choose an array of colorful, eclectic objects to fill you space.  Show off old bowls, a bright floral arrangement or a funny little statue.  They all come together into this bright space to make you smile.

So the next time you walk by your outdated china or curio cabinet and wish you had something new, a little bit of paint is all you need for a complete transformation.  We will warn you that this paint is a little habit forming and you may want to paint anything not moving in your home.  We will assure you that this is a good habit to form and you will love the results (all of them).

To learn more about this great paint, stop by Tattered Angels Website for the details.   For the complete assortment of colors.

Happy Creating!!!!


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