Product Feature: Blank Canvas and Burlap Products

We are a little obsessed with burlap and canvas around here, with rolls of it coming and going all the time, as we convert them into so many different items.  We can go all natural and we love our color, either way you had us at big fabric roll.  Each roll can pack on 25-100 yards of gorgeous fabric that long to become something oh so special.  As we hoist them onto the table ready to go under the knife, they are ready to be transformed into a tote bag, apron, makeup bags, zipper pockets, eyeglass cases, purses, pillow, table runner, flower, scrapbook, banner, chef’s hat, stocking, tree skirt…..the possibilities are endless.

We love that each item is design and stitched right here in our Springdale, Arkansas warehouse.  Somedays we spend making thousands of one item and others we spend making many different items that go in many different directions.  We love all the project big and small.  One our recent favorite projects was making burlap pennants for the Joe Dirt 2 movie party.  They were sewn, quickly shipped off to an artist to be painted and shipping to LA for the party.  We don’t mind being behind the scenes, under foot or covering what we need to cover.


We thought it would be fun to share with you some of the transformations our blank items have made when put in the hands of amazing artists, bloggers, crafters, mixed media artists, monogramers, party planners, brides, screen printers, makers….and the list goes on and on.

1.  Artist and Blogger, Lucy at Craftberry Bush painted this amazing butterfly tote bag.  Stop by craftberrybush to see show she does it.  Our totes come in many shapes and sizes, long handles and short ones, fat and skinny, gussets and without, canvas and burlap or mixed and any other combination you can think of.  You can paint directly on them or paint these special butterflies and add them to your tote.  We offer a wide range of blank burlap and canvas totes that are ready to look this cool.



2.  Lifestyle Blogger, Jennie Larsen created this Gold and Red Christmas Entry where our blank holiday stockings came in handy, she added a few simple dots of paint to the burlap stockings and they are a perfect fit.  Our blank stockings come in a range of sizes, shapes and fabric all with fun, rustic exposed edges giving them a fresh, trendy look.  Monogram the cuffs, stencil the stocking or screen print one for each member of the family.

christmas entryway mirror1

3.  Crafter: What was once a simple blank apron, JoAnne Doshier hand-crafted into an amazing apron filled with fun textures, shapes, stitches, paint, fringe and color.  Blank aprons come in all shapes and sizes from toddler to adult and filled with pockets or without in canvas and denim.  This apron was embellished with Canvas Corp’s Farmhouse Printed Fabric Panel and lots of amazing avocado and red accents.


4. Mixed Media Artist – Nathalie Kalbach created this amazing pillow on our Square Blank  Pillows – they come in a range of sizes 12×12, 14×14, 18×18 and 20×20.  These blank pillow forms are ready be be decorated your way and then you can slip in a pillow form, slip it over an existing pillow or fill with Poly-fil.  The 10 oz canvas is a great quality to stand up to all that a mixed media artist has to give from gesso and paints to papers, salt treatments and lots of embellishments.  You can also decoupage your art onto the the canvas.  We do have to say we don’t recommend washing a beautiful pillow like this once decorated.

Nathalie Kalbach - Mixed Media Pillow

Nathalie Kalbach - Mixed Media Pillow Close Up

5.  Monogrammer:  Michelle of Miss Lala’s added this special monogram to a simple child’s apron and wow it looks like a million bucks.  We have a wide range of unique blanks that are perfect for names, initials, monograms or logos.  All items are made from 10 ounce canvas and are 100% cotton.  The high quality fabric makes these monogrammed perfect for gift giving, business gifts or to sell in your shop.  What a fun way way to show off your logo, your design or your style with a range of embroidered product.


6.  Party Planner:   The Canvas Corp Brands Crew put this tasty set up together to show off something unique and different to add to you party decor.   Try anything from hand-painted pennants or table toppers to personalized wine wraps made from our printed fabric panels or wine bags.  We offer products in a wide range of themes from baby to wedding and from wine tasting to a garden party.  Customize your decor a range of canvas and burlap items that can be designed to match any theme and accent them with coordinating themed product.

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7. Brides/Wedding Planners:  Customized Wedding Decor is simple with the wide range of blanks we have to offer. From monogrammed table runners to seat backs to handmade tussy mussies (flower cones) to screen printed totes for the bridal party…  You can have your wedding, your way – add your special touch.




Here, one of our team members, Erin, turned our burlap into an amazing aisle runner for her wedding. It ended up being the icing on the cake for this outdoor ceremony.  We can sell large quantities of bulk burlap or create custom items for the wedding such a totes, aprons or more.  Keep in mind for custom orders we need 48 pieces per item.

8. Maker/Screen Printer:  Screen printing looks amazing on natural canvas and looks super vintage on burlap – they both work well for screen printing and look oh so good.  Sally by Sea one of our Makers creates these amazing nautical themed pillows by screen printing her designs onto range of pillow sizes and shapes.  The same designs are perfect on totes, aprons, runners, placemats and more.

pillows and totes

Add your art or create screen printed items with your logo for give away or sell them in your store.  We love being a part of the Renegade Craft Fair where these totes trail with the vendors who sell at the fair.  We love to see all the creativity that one show can offer.

renegade screen print

10.  Artist: Sara Torbit of The Rosy Life Blog created these amazing placemats with a touch of paint, some paper, printed fabric and sewing machine – you can create your art right onto the surfaces or you can transfer your art by screen printing or direct to garment processes onto the surfaces.  Simple and fresh designs like this are easy to duplicate and great for your Etsy Shop or table at a maker fair.

cc 17 (1 of 1)

We offer canvas in 4 different weights all in natural canvas color, we also offer a variety of colors in cotton and poly/cotton fabrics.  When it comes to burlap we carry a few different grades as we call it, one that is much more natural in look and feel and another that is tighter weave that also comes in a ray of colors.  While our fabric selection is pretty focused we are always open to trying something new.



A good week at the warehouse leaves many empty tubes where fabric once roamed.  We don’t through much away, even the tiniest fabric prices are transported into scrap packs and these cardboard rolls are recycled, there may be a bit of burlap dust on the floor, but that is about it.


Many of the items in this feature our part of our everyday line of blank products and we also offer custom blank items with reasonable minimums.  We can help you find blanks to place your art upon or help you design something new that becomes your art or you can add your art to.  If you are looking for a turnkey supplier, we can screen print your art onto any of our blank items.  For inquiries email us today at or give us a call at 866.376.9961.  You can view our entire collection on our  You will see the retail prices, let us know if you are interested in setting up a wholesale account and that will give you full access to pricing online.

Happy Creating!!!



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