7gypsies Wanderlust Letterblock Tray

We cannot get enough of the new 7gypsies collections! Each one has lots of little details, great vintage background papers, special sayings and terrific art.  They are easy to work with to create a wide range of vintage projects.  One of our favorite trays in the 7gypsies collection is the Letterblock Tray. It has many little niches to fill in, and Amber shows us how easy it is with the 7gypsies Collections Ordre Du Jour and Wanderlust.  Both collections can stand on their own as one is focused on travels and the otheris on getting you organized, but they sure look amazing together.

CCBTray1 [1600x1200]

Hello CCB fans! It’s Amber here, today I have a fun Letterblock Tray featuring 7gypsies Ordre du jour Collection and Wanderlust Collection.  Wanderlust’s vintage travel theme and Ordre du jour’s vintage handmade theme pair so well together. I mixed the two to create this fun “vintage beauty” inspired tray.

I gathered both collections, some vintage themed stamps, and a variety of embellishments and began to fill each spot in. I started by adhering different patterns of paper and then began layering my embellishments.

Tucked inside this project are so many fun little charms, trinkets, and images. I love how the old embellishments I had in my stash and the new paper from each collection blend so seamlessly together.

What you will need:

1. 7gypsies Printers Tray: Letterblock: Black (also available in stained wood)
2.7gypsies: Ordre du jour (Order of the Day) Collection
3.7gypsies: Wanderlust Collection
4.Canvas Corp Mini Clothespins- Jacobean
5.7gypsies Charms – Vintage Brass Scissors
6.7gypsies Charms- Vintage Brass Heart
7. 7gypsies Apothecary Bottles: Dome
8.7gypsies Paper Tape: Global
9. Canvas Corp Stamp Set – Be Beautiful
10. Paper Wings Productions Stamps
11. Ranger Archival Ink Pad- Jet Black
12. Canvas Cord – Hemp Rope Hank – Black – 45′
13. Canvas Corp Canvas Fringe 1 Yard
14.7gypsies Mini Ephemera – Receipts
15. Buttons
16. Embellishments

Tools:  glue, tape gun, paper cutter and scissors

CCBTray1 [1600x1200]

10 simple tips for making a 7gypsies Letterblock Tray:

1. Use these guidelines to measure the bits and pieces for your tray.  You might cut more than one pieces per section so you can decide which one if the final choice.  Choose different colors, scales and paper types like kraft, flute and fabric pieces.


7gypsies Letterblock Tray Measurements

2.  Build your tray as you go, but don’t glue anything down until you are sure everything is exactly how you want it.  The tray sides hold everything in place until you are done.

CCBTray2 [1600x1200]

3. Look for small objects at flea markets, in grandma’s button jar or in your scrapbooking stash that fit the look of your tray.

17906-mini-ephemera-receipts_1024x10244.  Choose pieces from the various 7gypsies ephemera packs.  Some are perfectly sized to fit into little places.  Others can be cut down to fit just right.

CCBTray3 [1600x1200]5. Use the domed bottles by 7gypsies to fill with something social like sand from the beach, bath crystals from Paris or maybe a spice you love.

19566 8x8 2-Sided Papers wanderlust6. Use the 8×8 scale papers for smaller projects like trays, cards and atc’s so the scale is more fitting for the space.

CLS2179 (A) Mini Clothespins Jacobean A7. Decide if you are going to keep the scale all miniature or add a few oversized pieces to give your tray a fun pop of design.

CCBTray4 [1600x1200]

8. Add a touch of canvas, bit of cord or a bow of waxed cotton.  The mixture of medias adds a nice touch to your project.

CCBTray3 [1600x1200]

9. Attach some items into the back of the tray and use pop dots with others to make them stand out a bit.  Once you choose your backgrounds, you can next adding words, sayings, charms and other details.

CCBTray1 [1600x1200]

10. Set up your tray horizontally and hang from the handle or turn it sideways and add a picture hanging hook. Also consider placing the tray in an easel for display.

Keep is simple, add ton of details, it is your tray! We say make it your way.  For the entire 7gypsies Tray selection visit our Canvas Corp Brands Shop.  For more inspiration click on the images you will find below each tray in the shop.

For more work by Amber, visit her blog – Sew-Ink Blog and follow her on Instagram.

Happy Creating!!!







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