A Bit About Canvas and How to Make A Canvas Flower Corsage

This week we are talking about canvas and with a name like Canvas Corp Brands and Canvas Corp it has to be our favorite fabric ever.  Well this week anyway….next week burlap.
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Here are a few facts about canvas you might not know:
1.  Very little is made in the USA so it is sourced from around the world. We hope that more will be available to us here someday.
2. Canvas comes in many different thicknesses – from a thin 5 ounce sheet to heavy duty 14 ounce and more. Canvas Corp has – 5 oz, 7oz, 10 oz. and 14 oz. 
3.  10 ounce is the most popular weight.
4. Canvas is 100% cotton fabric.
5. Sometimes it is called Duct.
6. Canvas is considered a greige good which means it is a blank fabric to be dyed or printed.
7.  Canvas comes in many different widths. Canvas Corp stocks 60″ because it is the best size to manage.
8. Canvas is great for making craft blanks that can be transformed into many different styles and crafted in a wide variety of ways.
9.  Canvas is trendy with the fresh, clean natural color.
10. Canvas will shrink so if you are making something that needs to be washed you might want to pre-wash.
11.  There is no need to wash before crafting on canvas. The sizing will remain and gives it a great feel.
12.  You can do many of the same techniques on canvas that you do on paper.
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Photo by Yourdori Girls Photography

Another thing you might not know about Canvas Corp canvas is that we don’t throw any of it away. We cut it up into smaller items, we make scrap packs, and our favorite thing to do is make Canvas Flowers. No two are alike, they are about 4″ across, they can be tinted to any color or left as they are and used for anything!!!  Here is a great project Crew Member Gina Knuppenburg created with one of the canvas flowers – such a cool idea for a wedding, mother-to-be, shower, Mother’s Day or other special event. 
Canvas Flower Corsage Supplies_Canvas Corp
A canvas flower corsage is the perfect detail to add to an occasion to honor someone special at a dinner, shower, reception, or any other wedding event. This easy, no-sew canvas flower corsage takes minimal time and only a few supplies.

Here is what Gina gathered up:

Canvas Corp Canvas Flower
Canvas Corp Canvas Fringe -Cut into (2) 6-inch pieces with tails cut
Elegant wedding trim -Cut into (2) 5-inch pieces
Fabric flowers
1-inch felt circle
Hair Clip
For presentation:
Canvas Corp Tissuestock Kraft
Box & Lid
Tools Used: Scissor; Hot Glue Gun; Hot Glue Sticks
Here is what we are going to make….this beautiful and elegant corsage.

Canvas Flower Canvas Corp

Gather vintage fabric, small pieces of silk and other soft, fine pieces that together are so elegant.  vintage fabric corsage
Step 1:  Begin layering the two 6-inch pieces of Canvas Corp Canvas Fringe. Dab a small amount of hot glue to adhere the two pieces. Next, attach a 5-inch piece of wedding trim to each tail.
Canvas Flower Corsage
Step 2:  Hot glue the fringe tail to the top of the Canvas Corp Canvas Flower.
Canvas Flower
Step 3: Add the decorative fabric flower with a generous amount of hot glue or a fabric glue.
Fabric Flower Corsage
Step 4:  To add the clip, cut two tiny slits into the felt circle and slide one side of the hair clip through to attach.
DIY corsage
Step 5:  Hot glue the bottom of the felt circle to the back of the corsage.
Mother's Day Corsage
Step 6:  Add a vintage initial brooch to personalize. To present the canvas flower corsage to the intended guest of honor, line a small box with Canvas Corp Tissuestock in Kraft. This added detail is sweet, sentimental, and functions as a way to store the corsage after the event.
Canvas Flower Corsage Boxed_Canvas Corp
The finished piece is simply amazing.  The neutral colors will go with any outfit and are perfect for anytime of the year.
Canvas Flower_Canvas Corp 2
So sparkle someone’s day with a handmade flower corsage and bring a smile to their face.
Canvas Flower Corsage_Canvas Corp 1
So now you know a bit more about canvas, you have some new ideas for creating with canvas and you have all the details to make the perfect canvas corsage.  To see more of Gina’s work visit her blog- Desperately Seeking Gina and follow Gina on Instagram 
Canvas Fabric Rolls
Happy Creating!




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