A Canvas Baby Boy Mini Album

With our focus on Canvas Corp Baby Boy papers and projects, we are excited to share Kyriakos’s Baby Boy Mini Album.  This precious book was created with one of the new Mix & Match Pads by Canvas Corp. Each pad has 16 different 12×12 pieces in them including printed papers, printed fabric, burlap, canvas, elute and more – a great way to get a wide range of textures in one project, with leftovers, we promise.

This handmade baby album makes the perfect baby gift for anyone who is expecting, someone who has photos of everyday for the first 12 months or to go back and capture baby photos that have been tucked away.  This album so unique and special because it can be custom designed to fit the look and personality of whoever you are giving it to!

front cover II

What you will need:

Tools to gather:  glue gun, vinyl glue or a strong mixed media glue, a hole punch, thread and a needle

Front Cover

front cover

Hello Kyriakos here!!!

To make the book cover, you will need two pieces of bookboard.

The cover and most of the pages inside use a base of bookboard – This helps to make every page sturdy.

The hardcover measures 6.5×6.5in and is slightly larger than the inside pages.


After you cut the bookboard, take a piece of canvas that is at least double the size of the cardboard in length, while about 2in bigger in width.


Covering the bookboard is like following a paper book cover. As there is no sewing, it is best to use a strong glue – A vinyl glue or strong mixed media glue worked fine here.

In this case, I decided to go with straight cuts on the corners instead of the traditional diagonal – this gave me better coverage and strength. Just make sure to use a sharp craft knife so you can have a clear cut.

First, I glued the longer part (front) and then did the same with the flaps at the back of the bookboard. Add glue to the rest surface under the front and firmly attach the canvas.

Remember that if you want to use and brads or embellishments,  you have to go through the front side before adding the back canvas.

If it works better for you to use common book covering with two different pieces, it will work just fine for this project.

Inside Pages

Here, you can be creative. I tried to make each page unique and ready for pictures to be inserted. With the following pictures, you can either follow my design to the tee or you can make each page layout unique to your taste.


For page 1, I started by misting the page with Cardboard Baseboard Mist. I then added a few squirts of the Water Baseboard Mist to add a little fun and color.

I also made a little book within a book. To achieve this, I took little pieces of canvas, stacked them, glued them together and then onto the page.

I then misted the pages with the Water Baseboard Mist  and used the Hemp Rope to outline the edges of the bottom page of the book to give it some flare.

To decorate the page around the canvas book, I used White Mini Clothespins, papers from the Mix n Match Pad and beads.


For the base of page 2 I used the Blue and Ivory Ribbon Stripe paper and misted the edges with the Water Baseboard Mist.

Then, I took a piece of brown ribbon and glued it vertically along the right side of the page and cutout sayings/pictures from the papers in the Mix n Match Pad and glued them around the border of the page creating a sort of frame for a picture.  Our It’s A Boy Sampler which is part of the Mix and Match Pad.  All of the papers in each of the pads are available open stock, but the pad makes it easy to create a book like this with so many different elements.  The It’s a Boy Sampler and the Stripe offer a number of embellishments that you can cut out and add to the pages, a cost effective way to buy embellishments.

After gluing the flower into the bottom right hand corner, I layered a bow made with the brown ribbon, a button and on the very top, a charm from the 7gypsies Baby Charms pack.

Using the buttons and beads, I continued to add a little more depth to the page.


This is the final product for pages 1 and 2.


For page 3, I cut a piece of Flute Kraft Paper to fit the entire page.

I then layered pieces of Aqua Burlap Fringe, Sand Burlap Fringe, canvas, cutouts from the Mix n Match Pad, buttons, beads and Hemp Rope on the page leaving space for a picture to be placed in the middle.

Before attaching the canvas, I sprayed it with a little Water Baseboard Mist to give some color.


Page 4 began with a piece of Flute White Paper fit to the size of the page.

Using pieces of the Sand Burlap Fringe, canvas, Hemp Ropeand cutouts from the Mix n Match Pad, I layered the top of the page.

Before attaching the canvas, I sprayed it with a little Cardboard Baseboard Mist to make it look a little weathered.


For page 5, I used the Water Baseboard Mist to add color to the inside edge of the page.

I then took a piece of the brown ribbon and glued it vertically onto the life side of the page. Using pieces of Burlap Fringe, canvas, buttons and word cutouts, I layered the bottom part of the page – My favorite part is the cutout of the crib at the bottom right of the page.

To finish it off, I took a piece of Hemp Rope and a couple more word cutouts and outlined the page.


On page 6, I started by spritzing it with some Water Baseboard Mist and then layering it with striped paper cutout from the Mix n Match Pad, Blue and Ivory Ribbon Stripe paper, Fluted Kraft Paper, a piece of misted canvas and a handprint cutout of the Mix n Match Pad.

This looks awesome and it leaves plenty of room for pictures.


For the base of page 7, I again misted it with the Water Baseboard Mist, but in order to mix it up a bit, I added some Cardboard Baseboard Mist in the upper left hand corner.

I then began layering the page with pieces of Blue and Ivory Ribbon Stripe paper, Fluted Kraft Paper, Burlap Fringe and cutouts from the Mix n Match Pad – I also spritzed a couple sections of the Blue and Ivory paper with the Water Mist to add a little more color.

To outline the word cutout on the left side of the page, I glued the Hemp Rope around the outside edge and then simply tied a bow in the top left corner.


On page 8 I started by taking a piece of Fluted Kraft Paper, cutting it to the size of the page, out the middle to create a frame and gluing it to the page. Then, I partially outlined the inside of the frame with Jute Rope.

Using paper flowers, Baby Charms, blue ribbon, cutouts from the Mix n Match Pad and beads, I decorated around the frame to give it character. I also painted some little designs on the top part of the page – I love how this page turned out.

Now, to attach all the pages together you will need a hole punch, eyelets and light blue ribbon. All you will do is punch two holes in each page, stack them and then use the blue ribbon to tie all the pages together. Simple!

And there you have it, the perfect baby boy mini book.

We are absolutely in love with this beautiful, unique mini book! It’s perfect for pictures, memories and documenting your baby’s firsts!  We have highlighted many of the individual papers and products or you can create you book around the Mix and Match mad and we are sure you will have left overs there are so many great pieces to choose from.  To see our collection of Baby papers and accessories you can view the collection in our shop.  If you are invested in opening a wholesale account just send us an email at sales@canvascorp.com  we now offer online wholesale ordering.  Here is a bit more about the collection in our Baby Boy Release blog feature.  (oh yeah we have a whole like of baby girl too, that release will be tomorrow – stay turned.

Thank you Kyriakos for creating something so special. To see  more of his creative projects visit his blog, The Crafts World or on Facebook. There you will find plenty of pictures and inspiration for your next project.

Happy Creating!!!!


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