A Girl in Boots Photo Crate

Want a great solution for storing, showing off and keeping you photos organized?  7gypsies Vintage Photo Crates.  The crates were designed to hold 4×6 photos horizontally and will hold 5×7 photos vertically.  The crate measures 4x4x6, so there is plenty of room to pile in the photos, add file folders and organize them, slip in dividers to note dates, times and events or make some fun created mini layouts and add them to the crate.  We are going to show you today some fun ways to make photo pages to slip into the crate.  We are going to show the ideas off with a western them featuring Canvas Corp’s new Boots & Saddle Line, but you can do this project in just about any theme you can think of.

Things you will need:

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-western

Let’s work on the crate first – we fussy cut one of the icons from the Boots and Saddle paper and placed it in the center of the denim flower adding pieces of the French Line and Ticking Fringe to the crate.

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-cowboy-wine-and-seahorse-tags-1To create fun folders or pockets for you create them with assorted paper, textures and sizes to make the crate more interesting. This folder was created with kraft e-flute that was cut 6″ wide x 8″ tall – you can make a tab like a file folder if you want or clip a tab onto it as part of the decor – you will want to cut it with the flutes going across so it will fold easily.  add pieces of the Fringe around a photo on the front – choose a photo that represents what is inside as another way to organize your photos.

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-cowboy-wine-and-seahorse-tags-1

Using the envelopes with the flap open, fill a cardstock paper in the back of the envelope and glue into place, this will help the flap say open and give strength the the envelope.  Add one of the fun sayings from the Boots ‘n Saddle Sayings to the front.  Photos will slip right in.

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-cowboy-wine-and-seahorse-tags-1

Another fun way to make a pocket for the crate is using Canvas Corp Burlap or Canvas Shapes.  Each shape is 2 pieces of fabric sewn together to give it the stability when making a banner, using as an envelope, etc.  Cut or remove the stitching from the top to open the “pocket”, but straight across or fold the front down to show more of the photo(s).  Create a mini ticking flower by ripping pieces of the ticking fringe into small pieces about 6″ long and in different thicknesses and tie them together with jute cord.  Add paper and glue the flower into place, this piece will set crooked in the crate and stick out perfectly to one side or the other to help us get the dimension we are looking for.

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-cowboy-wine-and-seahorse-tags-1Create you own file folders with any of the cardstock papers and decorate them with cute sayings and a little jute, keep in mind these make great little gifts too, fill them with photos for the holidays, birthdays, etc.

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-cowboy-wine-and-seahorse-tags-1This little folder was made with an envelope – but off the top flap and then cut the front of the envelope away leaving about 1″ on the sides and the bottom.  Glue the burlap onto the remaining front of the envelope and you can glue a piece of printed cardstock into the back of the envelop and slip you pictures in, this is a great way to show off a photo without gluing it down or ruining it.  Finish with a tie of jute.

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-cowboy-wine-and-seahorse-tags-1

You can mix and match the surfaces, embellishments to make as many pockets for the crate as you would like, nice part is there is a lot of room to hold a wide range of photos.  You can use up all the scraps from each of the papers and add doodads you have collected as well.


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  1. June 8, 2015 @ 9:08 pm MARE

    I absolutely LOVE your collection called, I think, Boots & Saddle!!! Since i’m a cowgirl with 4 horses, and have been since I was 4, you can imagine that I have been planning to buy everything in the collection ASAP!!! I hope I can get enough $$$ together to do this!! Thanks for creating this great set!! Yeehaw!!!


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