So this book was originally white paper, yes Linda transformed it to this amazing metallic finish with Tattered Angels Paints and filled it with pages from the 7gypsies Harmony Collection, creating the most beautiful wedding gift, the gift of recipes, wedding journal or a guest book.  When a new bride enters the family, what better way to welcome her than to share ‘his’ favorite recipes, family recipes and maybe a few new ones just to give a try.  Our bet this will be one of the most memorable gifts she will receive.  Linda walks us through the steps to create the book and finish the front cover.  This wedding inspired book would also make a wonderful guest book, wedding album or a wedding journal for the bride to jot down her favorite memories during the entire planning process all the way to the wedding day.
 What you will need:
7gypsies 4×6 Naked File Folders
7gypsies – 6×6 Harmony Paper Pad
Tatted Angels Glimmer mist
tattered leather
Tattered Angels Pure Mistable Paper, Leather
Prima Chalk
Light modeling paste
cording, waxed cotton or jute cording
Martha Stewart Punch
Hole Punch or sharp punch to make holes for the binding
Step 1
I start of with 6 File Folders, Mistable Paper (Leather) and a MS punch.. With this I make my cover and pages. Punch across the white paper to make this lace like design.  The Leather paper has a unique finish to it, so when it is painted, inked or misted it takes on a completely different look than white cardstock or matte finish paper, the colors just pop.
Step 2
Punch smal holes in the center of the folded area approximately 2-3″ from the ends, you will want to center the holes and your binding.  String through your cord, hemp, lace, ribbon or waxed cotton.  Tie off in a loose ‘messy’ bow that will be painted when you paint the book.
Step 3
The inside of the book will simply show a straight line of the cording and will hold your page together.
Step 4
Choose your favorite papers from the Harmony Paper Pad to add to your pages, you can cover the pages or trim the papers to show off a bit of the vintage manila paper stock.  Punch each of the folder corners top and bottom to a rounded edge using a punch or you can do them all at once with these great Paper Gator Punches from Around the Block we found in the warehouse this week, so we put them in the shop.  You will also want to round your printed papers to match your corners.  You can add as many printed papers as you like or leave some of the pages blank.  Cut off the file folder tabs or leave them on to organize your recipes, guest book messages or photos from the wedding.  Before gluing your Harmony pages in place you will want to wait until after the book is misted and dried.  You can then glue them in place and leave the top or a side open to hold notes, recipes or extra little keepsakes.
Step 5
Create the front cover design with a bit of modeling paste and a stecil (use your favorite one) and let it dry.
Step 6
Now it is time to start misting.  It is so fulfilling to see how amazing and wonderful the mist can transform your projects and the different looks you get on the manila paper, the Mistable Paper, the modeling paste and the cording.  Before misting you will want to shake you bottle side to side to make sure all that great color and mica are all blended together, avoid shaking up and down to reduce the chances of all the mica shooting up the tube at one time and clogging the pump, but if that happens no worries, just remove the sprayer, rinse with hot water and you should be back in business.  Now you are ready to mist with an assortment of colors, there is no right or wrong way to do this, so do it your way.  Layer the colors, add more of what you like…(you might want to test each color before applying it to the book and decide what look you will create.  Don’t forget to mist the book front and back and the cording.  You can then go inside and add a touch, if you don’t want to mist inside your book but want to add color, Glimmer Mist is a great distressing ink too, simply shake and pour a bit into a small cup or a plate and apply with a brush, foam sponge or even a paper towel to distress the edges or parts of the paper, we love this technique.


Step 7

Another great way to distress the edges is with Prima’s Branch Bark Chalk, apply to each of the edges when the book is completely dry.

file-20This is how the front turned out… yummy right.  Look at how different the paper paper looks from the book and the modeling paste, so cool you can even see it in the photo.
Here is a peek at the inside completed pages before anything is added.  The beautiful misted manilla paper shows through like an old found book and the vintage wedding papers look like they were just meant to be there.  The wide open spaces on many of the papers make it a perfect place to add recipes, notes or journaling entries.  You can also add your recipes to blank recipe cards (here is a selection of blank recipe cards from 7gypsies and Canvas Corp) and add them to your book.  You can also turn this into a bridal shower activity by sending each of the guests a recipe card and asking them to fill it out with their favorite recipe and bring to the shower and adding the recipes to the bride’s recipe book with a note from the guest.  You may also have recipes written in the hand of a great-grandmother or favorite aunt that you can add to this book, don’t be afraid to ‘save a recipe’ and give it to someone very special.
Here you can see where I left the side open to create a pocket, another hint is to fold down one of the manilla pages to create a pocket to stash a few more goodies.
As I close this finished book I admire the back that is just as beautiful and the front with the various tones of color, glimmer and mica all coming together to create something so pretty.
The ties also take on a completely different look when misted, what a great way to transform cotton and natural fibers to beautiful a beautiful hand dyed look and you can make them match any project just they way you want.
Thank you for stopping by the blog today and letting me share this wedding journal project.  I hope it inspires you to create a book of your own.  If there are no wedding plans in site, you can create this journal for an upcoming vacation, anniversary, personal journal or agenda.
Happy Creating!!!
To see more of Linda’s work you can visit her blog Paper-Fun-Creating.  

Hey.. I am a Norwegian “girl”, and the lucky mother of the two best kids in the world.. I love to play around with paper.. and that it just so much fun and time flies away.. Linda Sandblåst Skotheim


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