Beautiful Black Mixed Media Ideas for Christmas #ccbblack

Traditional reds and greens are always in style for Christmas. We see some hot pink and lime green happening sometimes, but rarely do we see Christmas done in black.  We challenged our Crew and our Collective to think outside of the Christmas color box and try something very different. Wow the results are pretty amazing!  I think a fun challenge like this helps us think outside of any notion of what it should be and create a willingness to try something new.  

We love to challenge our followers and from time to time we have a challenge in our Facebook Group Canvas Corp Brands Collective (ask to join today), so for Black Friday we did a black challenge – #ccbblack. The Challenge was outlined like this:

Create a project that is 90% black – the other 10% can only be white, grey, or metallic.
The project type is optional – sew or knit something, make a tag, Art Journal, ATC card set, layout etc. 

Many took on the challenge and this is what they created.  Elegant, beautiful designs that are just perfect.

by Linda A Israel

The black allows the bit of iridescence and sparkle to show up magically.   

A touch of silver or white with black is magnificent in itself, especially with a bit of sparkle.  The black shows off the shine so very well.  

Layers of different tones of black work so pretty together.  

by Ewelina Gryglak

These fantastic projects above prove that color is not everything – black can be truly beautiful too!

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  1. December 8, 2016 @ 10:48 am Linda Simpson

    WOW these are amazing! Gorgeous texture and layouts.
    Linda xxx


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