Birchwood Photo Canvas

Today’s home is a reflection of you and your style, it shows off the details you focus on, the colors you love, the furniture choices you make and it tells a lot about who you are.  Back in the day it seemed that everyone strived to copy a trendy home decor style and tried to look like everyone else, not so much these days, unique, creative and clever is much more popular and is a lot more fun than picking out carpet, pictures and furniture that everyone else has.  You can design your home with all store-bought merchandise and still make it look and feel like you, but it is a lot more fun with you add personal, creative touches that are all about you, your design style and show off your creativity.  
Canvas Corp Brands Crew Member, Marie, shows us how to create one of a kind ways to display family photos.  This stunning and clever idea is so much more fun than simple photo frames bought at your local craft or home decor store and they are actually quite simple to make.  The finishes, details and colors are all up to you and that is how you can show off your creative style.  You can also transform home accessories you already have into crafty, redo’s that will transform the spaces in your home.  Three simple photos become works of art. 
Marie here, I gave three of my well-used canvases a makeover. I wanted a birchwood textured background, so I looked up photos of birchwood online and asked a few of our Crew Member for their opinion and ultimately came up with this great birch wood look!  Backgrounds are very simple to create with a few Tattered Angels paints.
Birchwood Canvas
I added just a few embellishments around my photos but left a lot of the background open so I could really show it off!  Natural embellishments like sticks or dried flowers can be added, bringing the outside in for a very inexpensive detail that adds a terrific touch.
Burlap Mixed Media
You can use full color, black and white or even a tinted photo to create your works of art.  Print them with or without a border for a different look all together.  Marie choose a natural, neutral color palette, but the sky is the limit when it comes to color palettes and showing off your style.  
Materials Used:
Tools Used:
Hot glue gun
glue dots
scraper tool or credit card
heat tool (optional)
The colors you choose should match your home interior palette, but also coordinate well with your photos.  If the colors of your photos are just not working, try black and white or sepia.  
Textured Canvas
Step 1:  I started with 3 canvases I already had that were ready for a makeover, but if you don’t have something you can makeover, keep an eye out for outdated art at a garage sale or pick up 3 stretched canvases, like these from Canvas Corp.  You can use 3 that are the same size or mix and match the sizes and create an entire wall of DIY photo art.  Cover your surfaces with a layer of Crystal Decor & DIY Paint on your canvas and let it dry completely.
Step 2:  To begging creating a birchwood look, add a little Ivory High Impact paint to both sides of the canvas, and then, using your scraper tool, scrape the paint starting from the sides and moving inward toward the center. Let the Ivory paint dry completely.  Tattered Angels also offers a wide range of faux finished kits – Naturally Aged Kits, these are a great option too for creating backgrounds.
Step 3:  Remove the spray nozzle from the Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist. Apply a little Glimmer Mist to a paper towel and then wipe it over the Ivory High Impact paint. Again, starting from the sides and moving inward. Then, using either a paintbrush or the tube of your spray nozzle, add some horizontal lines of Glimmer Mist in random areas. You can also add some splatter marks if you wish!
Burlap Mixed Media
Step 4:  Once the background paints are all dry, you can begin embellishing! I used some CCB Natural Burlap and cut it slightly bigger than a 4×6 photo. I glued that down on the canvas and then placed my photo on top of it. I also added a little clothespin to hold the photo in place. This will make it easy to change and update your photos.  No need to cut the burlap perfectly straight, the rustic look is perfect for this style.  If you are looking for a cleaner look, you can fold over the edges and sew them down or you can make them even more rustic by pulling the burlap strings, so many options.
 Step 5: I found a few sticks outside and trimmed them down so it would fit just under the 4×6 photo. Using hot glue, adhere your stick. Then, wrap a little bit of Jute Cord around the canvas several times, tying it in a bow.
Step 6: For the last step, I just added a little flower to the sticks. These canvases are great because they are so light, I can hang them on the wall with a push-pin!
13214550_10100403630385388_670637991_oSo if you are tired of looking at old art on the wall that is a store-bought reproduction, have a stash of canvas in the garage or you have picked up a few canvases at your local craft store, we hope you are inspired to let your personal style come out and show off your creativity.  
For more ideas from Marie, visit her blog Marie Nicole and also follow her on Instagram – Marie Nicole.
Happy Creating!!!


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