Bitsy Bunny and Mini Carrots Banner

 Its such a sunny warm Spring day outside today.  Flowers are sprouting out on the trees, and dandelions are suddenly appearing. Its a perfect day to sit outside with a cup of tea and plan the weekend Easter festivities.
Today CCB Crew Member Peggy Terrell shares with us a fun bunny and mini carrots banner that would be the perfect welcoming banner for your Easter guests. The problem is you might want to leave it up all year long. The bunnies are too cute and made from some of our CCB Canvas Fabric sheet and other CCB supplies. Let’s start our journey to Farmer Ben’s Garden with Peggy’s Project!
peggy rabbit done 
 Oh my! Bitsy Bunny got caught picking carrots in Farmer Ben’s garden; so, he hung her up by her ear along with the carrots she picked. Don’t worry though; she won’t be hurt. Farmer Ben actually likes to watch the baby bunnies run and hop in his garden. He does want them to use their manners though, and ask if they might pick some carrots. Just between you and me, he always plants extra carrots just for the bunnies. Disclaimer: No bunnies or carrots were harmed in the making of this project!
 peggy rabbit supplies
Materials Used:

Tools Used:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Clover Pom Maker
  • Straight Pins
  • Large Eye Yarn Needle
  • Paintbrushes
  • Chopsticks
  • Blush Brush
  • Ultra Fine Point Black Sharpie
 peggy rabbit pattern
Step 1
Gather up an old wool sweater that you’ve felted (washed in hot, hot water a few times and dried) and your canvas sheet. Free hand a bunny and small carrot (cone) pattern on some cardstock for your patterns or find some on the Internet. My bunny (after being sewn) is about 10 inches tall and the carrots about 5 inches tall. Pin your bunny pattern to the sweater material and the carrots to the canvas. Cut the bunny from doubled sweater material so you have 2 pieces to sew together. You can also double your canvas for the carrots to make the job quicker, if you’d like. You’ll just need the two pieces of sweater and 7 cone pieces to make the garland just like mine.
peggy rabbit step 2
Step 2
After you’ve cut your patterns from the material, it’s time to sew them up. Sew the wrong sides of canvas together along the long side. No need to back stitch at the top of the cone, as you’ll undo a portion of the top to use for the stems. Make sure not to stitch too close to the cut sides as you don’t want it to pull apart when you’re turning the carrots to the right side of the fabric. Also, make sure to sew a good closure at the tip of the carrot because you will be poking and prodding to get your carrot tip to a decent point. peggy rabbit step 3
Step 3
Now, sew your bunny pieces right sides together while leaving an opening large enough at the bottom to easily stuff with polyfil. When finished sewing, you’ll turn your bunny inside out and stuff him.
 peggy rabbit step 4
Step 4
I used my chopsticks and small paintbrush handle to help me turn my bunny and carrots right side out and get my point on the carrots straightened out; then use them to help you stuff the bunny and carrots. Only fill the carrots about 2/3rd’s of the way up.
peggy rabbit step 5 
Step 5
Finally, pin the hole in your bunny so you can sew him/her shut by hand or sewing machine. I just used my sewing machine, as it was way quicker. I then cut an extra long piece (20-24 inches) of my extra strong button, carpet & crafts thread, doubled it, tied a knot and used a running stitch to run around the carrot just above the stuffing, pull tight and tie it a couple of times. Then, wrap that extra thread around your running stitch several times and tie again. It now looks something like a carrot.
 peggy rabbit step 6
Step 6
Take your scissors and cut strips about 1/4 inch wide almost down to your thread on the carrots. Pour a little bit of your Glimmer Glam paints into a small container and start painting your carrots with a real, slightly stiff paint brush, not the one in the bottle. Paint the bottom with the Carrot paint. 
peggy rabbit step 7
Step 7
Then, paint the strips with the Sweet Pea Pod. I really wouldn’t have thought of using Glimmer Glam for the carrots, but those were the only paints I had in the right colors. The colors were absolutely perfect with just a bit of a glimmer. As you paint the strips they will naturally start to curl and fray, looking just like carrot tops! Next, take your Sharpie and draw tiny lines just like where the dirt has embedded in the wrinkles on a real carrot.
 peggy rabbit step 8
Step 8
Time to embellish your bunny! I used some buttons from my Mason jar full of old and new buttons for her eyes and nose. Brown embroidery thread was used for her mouth. I used my large eyed yarn needle to sew on her mouth as my wool had a fairly open-weave. You could also sew eyes, a nose and a mouth on your bunny. Whatever you like best. Brush on some blush if your bunny is a girl; add a flower and a bow and I just hot glued a carrot to my bunny.
 peggy rabbit step 9
Step 9
Turn your bunny over and stitch on the pom pom tail you made with your pom pom maker. They’re super simple to make. You just wind your yarn around each side of the pom maker, close them together, use your scissors to cut along the groove under your yarn, cut a piece of yarn to wrap in that groove where you just cut, pull your piece of yarn tight, and tie a knot. Open the arms of the pom maker and pull the pom maker apart. Voila, a fluffy little bunny tail! All that’s left is to use your clothespins to attach your carrots and bunny to the cord, and they’re ready to hang around for the Easter holiday!
To see more of Peggy’s works visit her on Instagram Come back soon for more crafty inspiration.

Happy Creating!



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  1. March 24, 2016 @ 3:35 pm Carla Hundley

    Absolutely adorable!
    Love this bunny and
    the carrots and your
    tale about the garden!
    Carla from Utah


  2. March 25, 2016 @ 12:28 pm Kimberly

    Cute cute cute! TFS!


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