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Sewing operations in the USA are not very common these days, but at the turn of the century they were found throughout America.  Slowly things began to change. The consumer preferred readymade clothing over handmade clothing, raw material sources began to disappear,  production moved to other countries, and lower costs became the most critical factor for consumers to decide.

Today, sewing in the USA is trendy and on the rise.  Canvas Corp Brands is a working sewing operation where handmade things are really handmade.  Every piece of canvas is rolled out, the patterns are hand-drawn, the fabric is cut and they are sewn one piece at a time.  

canvas corp sewing operation USA

One of our favorite things that the Canvas Corp Sewing Team makes are Canvas and Burlap Fabric Shapes.  What is a fabric shape?  They are 2 pieces of fabric, cut out of cotton canvas or jute burlap, and then sewn together leaving the edges exposed giving them a chic, rustic look. They are cut into a variety of different shapes.

canvas banner shapes

Banners by Tonya Tratham and Dana Sanchez


Product Name:  Canvas and Burlap Shapes

Size:  They are available in two sizes – mini and standard.  The minis are about 3″ tall or around and the standard shapes are about 6-7″ tall or round.  

Brand:  Canvas Corp

Description:  100% natural materials in either jute or cotton shapes cut and sewn with exposed edges and prefect for crafting, book making, banners, pennants, signs and more.

Where is it made: In the USA with imported fabrics from around the world

The shapes can be tinted, misted, painted, sewn, dyed, glued, stamped, stenciled, ironed-on, rubbed-on and so much more.  The natural fabric takes color beautifully.  

tinted canvas cotton fabricWhat you can do with it/them:

farmhouse kitchen paper and fabric banner

Bunting, Banner, Pennant….called so many things, but they are really a series of shapes, pieces of fabrics, photos, ephemera and other do dads that are attached to a piece of cord, ribbon or string to create amazing banners like this Farmhouse Kitchen Banner created by Kathy Clement.

Alison Osborn Banner

Or this seasonal banner perfect for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or add a little blue and you have 4th of July.

View More:

Maybe a fun craft project or even invitation.

Canvas Corp Shapes BannerOr sew two together and make a cone or a place to hold flowers for a wedding, banner or other project.  So many options!

Vino and Ale Mini Book

Create a Mini Book by stacking them, punching two holes, and covering them with paper and embellishments like this fun Beer Themed Mini Book that is a great gift for your favorite beer lover.

beer themed papers

We have even made banners for Hollywood – part of the Joe Dirt 2 Party – cannot see them very well, but we were so excited to be a part of the event.


So now you know that Canvas Corp Shapes are all handmade, sewn in the USA, have lots of uses and are made with natural materials.  So if you are looking for a great new surface to paint on, screen print, use for wedding decor, party planning, class room decor and more.

Happy Creating!!





Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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