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Canvas Corp Printed Cardboard meets Tattered Angels Mists

Ready to have some fun on the blog today…you are going to love working with the amazing Canvas Corp Printed Cardboard and Tattered Angels Mists (Glimmer Mist, Simply Sheer Mist, Baseboard Mist and Chalkboard Mist)….it is that simple, just choose your favorite print or two or three and you favorite colors and here is what can happen.  The cardboard is nice and sturdy and the prints are screen printed on with a permanent black ink that stands out behind the mist colors making them so fun and easy to color, with results you are going to just love.  Let the colors dry naturally or use a heat gun for fun and unique techniques.  Add layers, use a stencil or mask or your favorite techniques to create amazing backgrounds.

how to create mixed media backgrounds

If you have not tried Tattered Angels Paints, they are so much fun to work with.  They add color to just about any surface with a few pumps of the mist.  Just shake side to side and mix up all the color and glimmer and spray onto any surface.  If the surface is slick hit is with a bit of heat from a heat gun and watch the magic and for paper, canvas, silk, ribbon, lace, just mist and let it sink in and wow you will love the results.

Tattered Angels Paints

So how about  a patina faux finish effect?  So simple and it looks AMAZING on the cardboard which adds the vintage background.  Printed Cardboard – French Letters + Tattered Angles Baseboard Mist – Water + Tattered Angels Glimmer – Precious Metals = Awesome Patina Finish

script paper


blue mist


metallic mist


patina finish

You can get a wide range of looks with the combination of mists you choose.

blue mistOne mist paint created this amazing background.  The various colors and mica colors that make Indigo Glimmer Mist and a heat gun create this amazing look.  One paint – Glimmer Mist – Indigo Blue, that is right and a printed piece Maze Printed Cardboard

Love florals?  We sure do….this printed floral cardboard with a touch of Chalkboard Mist – Chalk is simply gorgeous.  The accent of white and glimmer on the kraft board looks so cool and is a great background for a mixed media layout.

Using metallic colors on kraft cardboard is simply stunning.  Mix them, focus with one or layer them, your choice and the results are beautiful.  Hit them with a bit of heat and the glimmer comes out even stronger.

Love the look of hand stamped art, make it your own by adding a color palette that works for you like these reds, oranges, greens and golds, just beautiful.

To get this look on the cardboard use a Baseboard/Chalkboard Mist – the difference is the special ingredient that makes it a little more opaque and it is a surprise how it will react to the print on the cardboard.  We tested it with Baseboard Gerber – so no mica, but so much amazing color.  Mist all over and let some of the ink sit on the black ink for just a few minutes and then hit them all with a heat gun and the results are truly unique.

mixed media ideas

So grab your mist and a bit of Printed Cardboard and have a ball making your own book covers, coasters, mixed media backgrounds, cards, tags….no two will be alike and the results are amazing.  To see the entire line of Canvas Corp Printed Cardstock.

So now what do you do with these amazing prints?  Well here is a sneak peek at the first project we created….

steampunk junk journal

Stay tuned for the the details on this fun junk journal that is so ready to be filled with your words, thoughts and art….

So if you love playing with paint and glimmer mist, you are going to have so much fun with the Printed Cardboard designs by Canvas Corp.

Happy Creating!!



Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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