Christmas Countdown Stockings

Today is St. Nicholas Day and what a wonderful day to share this beautiful countdown to Christmas display.  Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated around the world and some countries celebrate it with gift giving and gathering.  While it is not a celebrated holiday in the USA, it is fun to see how other countries celebrate different holidays and maybe a new tradition begins of starting the countdown on December 6th to Christmas Day.  

As children, we could all relate to the The Chipmunk Song– “We can hardly stand the wait, please Christmas don’t be late.” We love countdowns of all kinds and we thought it would be fun to share some creative ways to countdown to the that special Christmas Day.  Surprise the kids with a fun treat or ask them to help and create it together.  You can include family traditions, tasks, gifts or memories as you countdown each of the days.  Crew Member Alison Osborn has come up with a creative way to make the waiting more fun with her family with Christmas Countdown Stockings.  Each one is numbered and there is plenty of room on the inside for goodies, notes or a special gift.  Put something in or take something out – you can decide how your family will count down.  You can even have a tiny treat for every member in the family.  


“The traditions of Christmas are lasting because they’re made of love.”

Christmas is wonder and dreams, laughter, nostalgia, old friends, and traditions we treasure. You can start a new tradition this year by creating a Christmas Countdown for your home. Family members will look forward to opening the treats in each stocking as they wait for the big day to arrive.

Supplies Used – Canvas Corp:


Tattered Angels:

advent calendar

Love the clean and simple numbers Alison added to each stocking.



If you’ve never used Canvas Corp’s stockings, I highly recommend them for their high-quality fabric. You can also create with burlap stockings if you want a more rustic or woodland look. To start, use 12 of the small canvas stockings. For the fringe under the lip of the stockings, use Red-ticking fabric, cut about 1½ in. wide by 5 in. long strips. Then fold each strip in half, while securing with hot glue. Next, fringe the looped edge of the fabric with scissors and glue to the underside of the stocking lip. For the numbers, you can use chalk pens to write on each tag or Canvas Corp has cardstock papers with numbers that would work great for this project. Next, cut 3½ in. circles out of various papers and fabrics. Fringe the edge of each circle and glue the numbered tags to the center of the circles. Finally glue each circle to the center of each stocking, and for an additional touch add tassels. I made these felt tassels to give a pop of red to the décor.


repurpose christmas ball ideas


ticking ornament

Wrap old or damaged Christmas balls with ticking or other vintage style fabric. They look great with the countdown calendar or on the tree.

You can add additional goodies to your countdown with cute Kraft bags. I chalked gingerbread houses on a few but you can letter children’s names on them or even Christmas riddles or jokes. This cute gingerbread idea was inspired by Lucy from Craftberry Bush. For another extra touch of décor, you can add cloth ornaments. Simply take strips of fabric and either hot glue or decoupage your fabric onto paper mache ornaments until covered. To hang, use twine and pins.



I could not resist using 7gypsies 12 Days of Christmas cards and some of their new vintage banners so I added an additional banner under the stockings. For the Fancy Good banners, make stars out of pine pipe cleaners and add them to the front of each one. You can find these pipe cleaners at your local craft store around the holidays. Also stitch on the stars in case you want to change up your décor; it will be easier to remove later on.



On the mantel I made trees out of papers, felts and canvas garlands. You can use paper mache trees, which you can find at your local craft store. For the canvas garland tree, hot glue the end of the garland to the top of the tree. Then slowly wrap the tree and secure with glue at the base. For the paper trees, you can hot glue, or decoupage your paper onto each tree. You can also decorate letters for your mantel. It’s nice to reinforce words like hope, joy and love at the holidays.

For pops of additional color I made cardboard roll stars that I painted with Tattered Angels DIY and décor paints. For these, paint cardboard rolls in festive colors. Cut the cardboard rolls into five sections. Next, punch a hole in each section at the top. Then thread your twine or ribbon through each hole and tighten to form a star.



The possibilities of decorating for the holidays are endless with Canvas Corp Brand products. There’s even a partridge in a pear tree!



However you celebrate, let’s promise to hug the ones we love and make sure they always know how much they mean to us.

Merry Christmas!

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