Clean And Simple Coffee Cup Cozy canvas fringe hand sewing canvas copr

Clean And Simple Coffee Cup Cozy

Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with a Clean and Simple Coffee Cup Cozy. Hand stitched projects don’t have to be laced and colored and flounced. They can be as simple as a bit of canvas garland with blue cord. This coffee cozy illustrates how easy it is to add curly cues of  blue cord with a couching stitch. It looks nautical and masculine in crisp blue and white.

Canvas Corp Canvas Garland 2″ width
Canvas Corp Cord Hemp Rope Dark Blue Hank 45′
Prism Embroidery Thread
2 medium buttons
2 small buttons
Goody Hair Band

Straight Pins

Step 1: Wrap Canvas Garland around cup with a 1″ overlap and cut.
Step 2: Turn one end under 1/2″ use straight pins to secure.
Step 3:Attach small button to the center end with one stitch. Step 4: Stack medium button on top and stitch both buttons to the end, together.
As you stitch the buttons to the garland end you will also be tacking the turned-under-end down.
Step 5:Tie a knot in the cord end with an inch of tail.
Step 6:Wrap cord end around end of garland with knot to the inside of the buttons.
Step 7:Stitch cord to garland so that the first few stitches secure the tail on the top and the bottom of the garland.
Couching Stitch 
The couching stitch is essentially a straight stitch sewn over a cord. The seamstress must be very careful to stitch close to the sides of the cord with out sewing under the cord. After the straight couching stitch is mastered adding a zig-zag or herringbone pattern is easy. The key is small, even stitches. Sloppy stitches simply will not do.
 Step 8:After the tail is secured arrange the cord in loose coils along the canvas garland. Use straight pins to secure the loops.
Step 9:At the points where the cord overlaps stitch an X to hold both widths of cord to the canvas garland.
Step 10:To finish the garland position a knot 1/2″ from the end of the garland with a 1″ tail. Fold the tail under and secure it with stitches that tack under and over at the same time.
The double stacked buttons on either end of the cozy make it adjustable. They leave a notch for an elastic hair tie to be wrapped around once or twice. An elastic hair ties is easy to come by and the notch holds it in place.
Canvas Corp has more than 30 cords for your “couching” pleasure. They range from Hemp Rope Hanks in 45′ lengths to Thick Braided Rope in 5′ and 7′ lengths to Waxed Cotton cord in 45′ lengths. The colors are equally numerous and vibrant. Follow the links to see the assortment or simply type “cord” in the search bar on the Canvas Corp Brand Shop page.

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Craft On!
~charity hotrum~


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  1. April 2, 2018 @ 5:17 pm Julia Cotrim

    Simple and very beautiful! What an original creation! TFS!


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