Clearance Bin Ugly Flower Pot Makeover

Ever find end-of-summer deals that are just too good to pass up but the color is off or just doesn’t match your decor? Tattered Angels High Impact Paints to the rescue!  Gina has been busy giving her pots a fantastic makeover and wow do they look awesome.  You can update old pots you have hanging around, grab some inexpensive pots at the dollar store or find great deals on good quality pots that are on clearance at the end of the season.  Give the used ones a good wash to get ready to transform them.
Tattered Flower Pots_Canvas Corp Brands 1
Recently, I found the perfect sized flower pots and I was looking for some with fantastic texture.  The only issue was the color was just “meh,” but the price was terrific so into my cart they went. Tattered Angels High Impact Paint in Gold was the perfect pick-me-up these flower pots needed to shine and feature my new favorite cactus.  If your pots don’t have texture but you would like to add texture consider adding a layer of old tissue or newspaper crumpled up by gluing into place, don’t worry about the color or the print, it will disappear.  Or cover the outside with burlap and let it dry and then glue it into place.  Creating your own texture is a good way to use up tissue, wrapping, fabric and other items in your stash that are cool and just need to find a good creative home.
Materials Used:
Clearance bin flower pot
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint in Antique Gold
Tools Used: Tack cloth; Paint brush; Low-grit sand paper
Painted Flower Pots with Tattered Angels

Paint your flower pots to match your personal style.

This flower pot makeover was super easy and super quick. I simply used a tack cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt, applied the Tattered Angels High Impact Gold Paint with a medium brush, and when it was dry I lightly sanded it to bring out some of that original color from underneath. It picked up that fantastic texture and added a bit of shiny personality to my new flower pot.  This project took less than an hour from start to finish (dry time will depend on weather conditions-it’s HOT in Arkansas and I painted outdoors) but will bring endless happiness to me and my cactus!
Designed By Gina Knuppenburg – check out her blog.
Here are a few more painted and decorated pot ideas you might find fun to try as the pots are heading to the clearance bins and you are ready to paint them up for August/September or maybe get ready for Fall and Halloween.
Ginger over at Ginger Snap Crafts shared these fun color blocked painted pots. With or without texture they are great and any color combination works well. – Color Block Painted Pots
cc color blocked pots
 This beauty is so vintage and so cool and wow so simple to do – Up-cycled Clay Pots with a French Twist.
Painting up your pots is great, but why not play with a little paper to dress them up?  Sarah of The Rosy Life Blog created this fun pot that is perfect for the porch, kitchen or maybe a teacher gift.  The paper may not hold up very well outside, but inside it gives your plants a whole new look.  
cc 10 (1 of 1)
To see the blog and the details just click here – Happy Trails Terra Cotta Pots . The paper is such a nice touch and can be decoupaged onto the pot.  
cc 3 (1 of 1)
 To see more of Sarah’s clever ideas and photography, check out her blog – The Rosy Life.
So line up those used pots, close out pots or dollar store gems and make them your own with paper, paint, etc.  Great way to update your porch or kitchen, make a great gift or send with the kids the first day of school.
Happy Creating!!!


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