Colors of the Year for 2017

Who decides what the color of the year will be each year?  Pantone, the big paint companies or us, as we pick what we are drawn to, what makes us feel alive and what just makes us happy.  We thought we would explore the colors for 2017 and see how they match up to Tattered Angles paints.  green_glimmer_mist_paints_large

Pantone’s color this year is Greenery – green defiantly is a sign of new beginnings and we hope 2017 is just that for so many reasons.  This yellow-green color is not too light, not too dark and just feels pretty good.  Some of the trendy colors can be a bit unusual and are not always calming, but we think this year’s choice is pretty great.  Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Moss is a close match to Greenery.  Now we are pretty sure there is no glimmer in Pantone’s color, but hey we are Tattered Angels, we can add glimmer even to the color of the year.  If you love green, but this is not the color for you…there are so many to choose from and Tattered Angels has them all organized for you by color, so take a look at the greens and see which one is your green for 2017 – Tattered Angels Greens

18052 Glimmer Mist - Moss   screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-8-57-10-am

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is quite a bit different from the refreshing green tone of Pantone, with a deep blue-purple that has a regal tone about it.  Green is for money and purple for royalty, maybe we are in for a majestic year in 2017.  The Angels love them some purple and this is one area that will be expanding in 2017 with new purple colors.  
purple_glimmer_mist_largeShadow is the color name given to Benjamin Moore’s color of the year.  This blue toned purple is a deep purple that almost has a grey feel to it.  screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-9-19-14-amPainting a wall this color would defiantly make a room cozy, but also a bit dark.  This might be a fun tone to try in 2017 and you can try with Tattered Angels.  They call it Afraid of the Dark, but there is nothing scary about this color, tones of silver mica swirl around and give just the right shimmer.  Take a look at the Tattered Angels collection of purple paints and see if you can find one you love.

16706 afraid of the dark Glimmer Mist Purple

Sherman Williams is heading in a much different direction for 2017 with a neutral Taupe color that they have given the name Poised Taupe.  Taupe has been one of our favorite colors and Interior designer Kelly Hoppen made this color famous year’s ago and we still think it is right on trend.



Neutral colors may seems simple with just a few tones, but in reality neutrals are harder colors to match and use sometimes than colors from the color wheel with their complimentary colors.  This neutral has its own personal style and cannot be paired up with just any color, when using neutrals you want to make sure to use tone on tone or use complimentary colors to the neutral or you don’t quite get the look you are going for.  Tattered Angels Woven burlap is close, but not quite as purple as the Sherman Williams color.  It is probably a bit easier to use and of course we love the special glimmer added.  Pairing Taupe with white and black is a great choice and be careful when adding burlap, which adds a distinct yellow toned neutral and that is not a great match.   To see the entire collection of neutral tones take a look at the neutral collection of paints from Tattered Angels and we challenge you to look deeper at the colors to see the yellows, reds, blues, purples, greens….that are the undertone of the different neutral colors.  

18045 woven burlap - taupe Glimmer Mist

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze also has a similar color, this paint is fun to use, just shake and apply with the brush in the lid or use your own brush. Glaze can be painted on to add a touch of dimensions, wonderful color and it also acts as a resist.  

20147 glimmer glaze latte - taupe paint

We are pretty sure that every color is special depending on the project, the mood, the room it will live, etc.  We are going to celebrate all colors in 2017 and share many of the special colors of the Tattered Angels palette and we hope each one of you will find your color of the year for 2017.

Tattered Angels Colors

So you decide the color, the tone and the intensity of your color or colors this year and have a ball creating with them.  We would love to know if you have one picked out for the year.  Leave a comment and let us know your color for 2017.   Happy New Year everyone!!!

Let your creativity shine!!!




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  1. January 3, 2017 @ 1:20 pm Marlei Moreira Couto

    My favorite color has always been blue in its most varied shades … water, aquamarine, turquoise, tiffany, indigo, navy. I like some shades of green, I liked the Moss. As for purple … I like the tones of violet, they are spiritualized tones, mysterious, magical! And among the neutrals I am of the earthy tones.. I love with passion!


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