Decoupage Easter Eggs

Decoupage Easter Eggs

Just a few days from now, Easter is celebrated around the world; and what is one of its most known tradition? Eggs! Many cultures decorate the eggs for Easter – paint them, dye them, use hot wax to ’emboss’ intricate designs… So many different ways to make the eggs colourful and pretty…
How about using tissue paper? You can use this thin printed paper to can decorate almost every surface and with Canvas Corp’s tissue stock, the printed designs give an amazing result!

With the above ideas in mind, our Crew member, Kyriakos Pachadiroglou, shares with us his decorated Easter eggs that are easy and very quick to make.

Decoupage Easter Eggs

“Decoupage with tissue paper from Canvas Corp was an easy way to cover the styrofoam eggs, while having a pattern on them – this result is quite diffucult to achieve with any other techique. You can embellish the eggs to match your style instead of using the burlap fringe and the cameos, like I did.” – says Kyriakos.

Decoupage Easter Eggs 4Materials used:
Canvas Corp – Tissuestock 12×12 – Damask on Ivory
Canvas Corp – Burlap Fringe – Aqua
Canvas Corp – Burlap Fringe – Hunter
Canvas Corp – Burlap Fringe – Red
Satin ribbons
Styrofoam eggs

Tools used:
Hot glue gun


Step 1 –  Cut the tissue paper into large pieces and glue on the styrofoam eggs. Try to adjust it in a way that patterns match nicely on the main surface of the egg.

Decoupage Easter Eggs 1

Step 2 – Cut the burlap fringe in half at the long side; the steps need to be long enough to wrap around the middle of the egg.

Decoupage Easter Eggs 2

Step 3 – Glue the burlap fringe on the eggs. If you want to add color on the eggs, do it before glueing the burlap fringe.

Decoupage Easter Eggs 3

Step 4 – Add satin ribbons and cameos. Embellish further with other materials.Decoupage Easter Eggs 4

This is quite an easy project for anyone… and what a stylish outcome! You could use them as a fun Easter project to work on with the whole family and add a nice seasonal touch to your home.

Tissue papers work nicely to cover surfaces and create a background to decorate further. Find them in the shop here for your next project. 

More of Kyriakos’s work on his blog.

Happy Easter Crafting!


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