DIY Decorative Burlap & Canvas Pillows

 It’s Spring, time for redecorating the house with cheery and farm fresh decor. Just like CCB Crew Member Marie Heiderscheit did. She decided to create new pillows for her couch and we are so glad she did. Marie used various CCB products including CCB Burlap, CCB Ticking Navy and Ivory Ticking Fabric, Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins and Tattered Angels Mists. Now you don’t have to be a sewing expert or really use a sewing machine for this project. You can use a hot glue gun or liquid thread as your sewing tool instead. Just glue and boom, instant decorative pillow. So any level of designer can do this fun home decor project.  Let’s scroll down and see how Marie created hers…..
marie pillow supplies
Our couch came with three pillows when we bought it. I didn’t like the pillows at all so I have been wanting to give them a makeover for quite some time now. I sewed some simple envelope pillowcases for them, and then used various CCB products to decorate them! I am not a seamstress at all, but I can do some simple sewing projects. Its amazing what you can do as long as you know how to sew a straight line! Its also OK to cheat a little and use a hot glue gun in some instances, which it what I did here.
Materials Used 
Tools; Sewing Machine, Hot Glue Gun, Scissors
Step 1:  Decide on a pillowcase you would like to decorate. I had some blank ones already made so this choice was easy for me!  Canvas Corp offers a wide range of pillow covers from 12×12 to 20×20 in round, rectangle and round shapes and in both burlap and canvas.  You can also pick up any color burlap or canvas in a 30×36 sheet and make your own.  I started with the rooster pillow. For this one I took the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Barn paper and colored it with Tattered Angels paints and let it dry.  Mixed Media Origins paper is actually a paper with cloth like properties, while it may not be able to be washed, it has a great strength to use for creative home decor projects.  There are a wide range of themes that help bring out your creative style.
 marie pillow step 2
Step 2:  After my rooster was dry, I fussy cut it out and laid it over some Canvas Corp burlap to see how big of a piece I would need. I cut out a square piece of burlap that I would sew the rooster onto. Then, I cut some strips of ticking fabric to make ruffles around the edges. 
marie pillow step 3
Step 3:  To make the ruffles, all I did was fold the ticking and pin in into place where I wanted it to ruffle. Once pinned all around, I ran it through my sewing machine with a simple straight stitch. After the ruffles were done, I sewed on the rooster by going around the edges with a straight stitch again. Since I’m not very skilled at sewing, I went VERY slowly during this step!  The burlap edges are rustic and fringed, but if you want a cleaner look you can fold them under and then pin the ruffle into place. 
marie pillow step 4
 Step 4:  To adhere the rooster onto my pillowcase, I just used some hot glue. Yes, it may be cheating, but I figured Im not planning on washing this pillow so it should be fine!  You can also stitch it into place or use Beacon’s FabricTac glue.  Most decorative pillows are not designed to be washed, so any of these options should work well.
DIY Canvas and Burlap Pillow
marie pillow step 5 a
 Step 1:  This next pillow was super easy! I cut a strip of burlap to go around my pillow. I do know that burlap frays, so I ran the edges through my sewing machine on a straight stitch just to help it stay together. I hot glued the burlap together in the back of the pillow, and then took some 7gypsies lace and hot glued that over the burlap as well. Then I took a piece of Canvas Corp jute cord and tied it around. That finished pillow #2! 
marie pillow step 5
DIY Flower Pillow
For my 3rd and final pillow, I took a strip of burlap and sewed a ruffle edge to the edge of where you insert your pillow on this pillowcase. I did the ruffles the very same way as for the rooster pillow, by folding and pinning. Then, I hot glued some fabric flowers. To finish this pillow, I penciled in “rejoice evermore”, and when I was happy with the lettering I went over the pencil lines with a permanent marker.
marie pillow step 6
And that completed all three pillows! They were so fun and simple to do. The best part of decorating your own pillows is that you can customize them to fit your decor!  Adding simple burlap and canvas flowers or make your own flowers to add dimension to your pillows.  
A mixture of different textures, sizes and shapes is a great way to add a fun pop of design to any room.  Using slip covers that slip over current pillows or buy pillow forms.  You can then update your pillows for different seasons and holidays giving the room an updated look each season.
We are now in pillow making mode, this project sparked up so much inspiration thanks to Marie Nicol. To see more of Marie’s works visit her Blog Marie Nicol or her Instagram. Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more inspirational projects from our Crew and spotlight designers.
Happy Creating!


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  1. April 4, 2016 @ 12:56 pm Barb Housner

    beautiful job on your pillows. I once was a skilled seamstress – I don’t know if the rust can be removed but I can still have fun and sew simple things.


  2. April 4, 2016 @ 1:01 pm Kimberly

    I love love love these pillows, they are amazing … Beautiful ! I’m in awe over them , you done a beautiful job, thank you for sharing .


  3. May 23, 2016 @ 8:53 am jaipurhomedecor

    Amazing blog dear, the work on your pillows is really amazing .i love your design .i will definitely try at my home . Thanks For sharing .


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