DIY Embroidered Western Tote

DIY totes are the rage right now, buy one on Etsy, a Maker’s Fair or make your own, now that is the question.  Donna shares this amazing western inspired tote that will inspire you to make your own.  This fabric tote is perfect for about town and is also a great weekend tote.  The tote was inspired by the Fabric Panel from the Boots & Saddle collection! Canvas Corp Fabric Panels measure 13″x17″ and are available in a range of themes from the beach to baby and from the kitchen to Christmas.  Donna shares with us how to make this fantastic tote that is the perfect gift or perfect for you,  she makes creating this stunning fashion accessory simple!


Materials Used:

  • Boots and Saddle fabric panel
  • 1 yd of coordinating fabric
  • Embroidery floss loss your choice of colors
  • Thread
  • Tools Used:  Sewing Machine; Pins; Needle; Ruler; Rotary cutter; Scissors; Embroidery Hoop

Step 1: Embroider any printed art on the fabric panel – I chose skull, rope, pottery, designs. As you can see in the picture, the embroidery adds a little color, texture and dimension to the fabric.  You can choose a few or do them all.  Choose a color palette of Embroidery floss that matches the coordinating fabric you choose for the rest of the tote.


Step 2:  The Gussets:  Cut one 3 inch piece of fabric for side of Boots and Saddle panel and sew together. If you really don’t know how or don’t desire to sew, you could use a heavy duty fabric glue!


Step 3:  The Bottom:  Cut one 3 inch piece of fabric for bottom of panel and sew together. Your front panel should now measure approx. 15″ X 17″.


Step 4:  Lining and Back: Cut three panels 15″ X 17.”  To make the lining, sew 2 of the cut fabric pieces right sides together on three sides (2 sides and bottom). Now, sew panel and back piece together, right sides together on three sides (2 sides and bottom).


Step 5: Pinch bottom corner together and stitch across 1 1/2″ from corner. Repeat on all four corners (lining and the tote)


Step 6:  Handles:  Cut two 4″ X 22″ pieces for handles from the coordinating fabric. Fold in half right sides together and sew the open side leaving both ends open. repeat for second handle. Turn right side out and iron.


Step 7:  Body of the Tote:  place lining fabric inside of outside fabric (panel) with right sides together. Place straps in between right sides of fabric on each side 3″ from side edge. Pin in place. Sew about 1/2″ from edge of bag leaving a 3″ opening to allow for turning right side out. Turn bag out.

Step 8:  Top of the Tote:  Iron top of bag and tuck opening in and pin. Top stitch around the top of bag, this will also close the opening.


You now have a new bag that is perfect and unique to your style to enjoy!  Oh yeah and it is reversible.

Wow! We didn’t know that making such a cool tote could be so simple! Now we’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect bag in the store… We’ll just make it!

Thank you Donna for showing us how to turn a simple piece of fabric into a fashion piece – so fun!  To see more of Donna’ work stop by her blog Meme’s Art Place.

Happy creating!


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