DIY Painted Garden Stool

Today is National Gardens Day and we wanted to give a creative shout out to celebrate all that is garden.  ‘National Public Gardens Day is an annual celebration of the nation’s public gardens to raise awareness of the important role botanical gardens and arboreta play in promoting environmental stewardship, plant and water conservation, green spaces, and education in communities nationwide.’

If you have the opportunity to get out this weekend and visit the gardens in your community what a great excuse to get outside and show a little garden love.  If you don’t have a garden close or the weather is not going to allow a visit to happen, why not create something for the garden or a creative garden themed project like this Painted Garden Stool by Michelle Rocco.

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It all stats with this Oval Pine Stool from our friends at Walnut Hollow.  If you don’t have a shop near you, we found a source on the web were you can pick one of these cute little stools up.  Just click on the link and it will take you there or you can use an old little stool you have or one that you pick up at a local garage sale or flea market.  Little pieces like this are such a good choice to pick up when you see them during a vintage shopping spree, even if you don’t know exactly what to do with them at the time.

Walnut Hollow Oval Pine Stool

The stool comes unassembled, which makes painting it so much easier.  We choose this amazing light yellow color from the Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint Collection, Chamoise and painted all the stool parts.  This paint loves raw wood and there is no need for priming or sanding.  If you stool is dirty we do recommend a good clean up and let it dry completely.  If you stool has already been painted, stained or finished, no worries, this paint will cover it all or if you stool is not made from wood at all, it covers metal, MDF composite and most other surfaces.  So paint you stool with 1-2 coats, let dry, then glue or if you are good with the tools nail your stool together (we used Beacon’s 3 in 1 Glue and it worked like a charm – if you have never tried this glue, you will love it, works with paper, fabric, wood and more) and you are ready to add the creative top.

painted stool

Now for the top, we started with our The Watering Can Fabric Panel and painted it with a range of colors from our Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze Collection of paints and you can also use any of our Mist paints like Glimmer Mist and Chalkboard paint and apply with your favorite brush.  These paints are great for painting on fabric and come with a little brush, beautiful color and a touch of glam that runs through to give it just a touch of beautiful shine.  You choose the palette for your garden.

paints used

Apply the paint to the individual designs or you can choose to mist the entire piece of fabric for a completely different look, the nice part about it all is the choice is yours.
Basic CMYKAdding the paint color to canvas gives it a look of designer fabric and you know that you did it yourself, like an adult coloring book, but on canvas.

View More: can just add a touch of color or layer a few times for a deeper color.

View More: detail is just amazing.  Next you will want to cut a piece of foam (you choose how thick) and place and/or glue to the top of the stool.  Then place the fabric with the art spaced just as you like it and glue or staple into place.

View More: is great about this little stool is you can change the top so easily for different rooms, holidays or just because.  Keep it for yourself or a cute little gift.

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Maybe you don’t have a need for a little stool, but love the fabric, art and technique you can also crate a pillow that is just as cool.  Jump over to our DIY Painted Garden Pillow Blog Post and see all the details.

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So enjoy your day at a National Garden, spend some time in your garden or create something for the garden or about the garden and bring a little sunshine in.

Happy Creating!!!






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