DIY Painted Hair Clips

We spend lots of time in our studio making cards, mini books, tags, ATCs, and other items that don’t always make their way out of the studio and into our everyday lives.  Functional crafts that we see and use everyday are something we love to share as they are part of our everyday lifestyle.  Crew Member Zuzia Bodakowska shows us just such a project with these Colorful Hair Clips that look precious on her little model and would be so cute on any little one.   She begins with found hair clips that are ready for a painted makeover, but you can use new ones if you do not have any lying around.   

You can coordinate the hair clips to match with each outfit, create a set for every holiday and even a collection to match these amazing eye glasses.  This is also a great way to get the kids involved. They can pick the colors, help mist the fabric and have a strong sense of creative accomplishment.  

Glimmer Mist Hair Clips

My girls love to wear hair clips, headbands or flowers in their hair. I decided to create something especially for them. This is really fun and simple and you can also involve your kids.
Materials Used:
-hair clips – may be some old ones that are not attractive anymore or that you just want to remake
-Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Pistachio, True Turquoise, Patina, Moss
-Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mist – Polka Dot, Valencia, Firefly
-Tattered Angels High Impact Pigment Paint – Aqua, Hot Pink
-Canvas Corp 12×12 Canvas 
Tools Used: -scissors -hot glue gun – paint brush – scissors – iron (optional) – glue gun
Step 1 – First, paint the hair clips with High Impact Pigment. This paint will adhere to any surface so finished clips that are painted metal or even have a rubber coating should be just fine.  For the best result cover it with two coats. Remember to put the second coat on after the first one is dry.  The paint will also act as a glue, so it is a good idea to keep the clips open to dry or to put a piece of cloth or board between the clip to keep the teeth separated and allow the paint to dry well.
Step 2 – Cut the pieces of canvas that you will paint.  The sizes may vary depending on the size of the clips.  Choose mists that you want to use and are colors to match just the right outfit, holiday or your child’s favorite color(s).  I think this is the hardest step as the choices are SO big! You can choose among Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Chalkboard Mist, Baseboard Mist, and Simply Sheer Mist.  They all will mist beautifully on canvas fabric and the colors are so vibrant.  You can mist them all one color, you can create an ombre effect, or you can choose two colors that meet in the middle blending to make a third color.  So many fun options.
Step 3 – Add some color to your pieces of canvas – the canvas you will use to create the bows.  Make sure to mist both sides as they both will show when you turn them into bows.  They may curl up a bit but after they are dry you can iron them if you wish by placing a cloth on top.
Step 4 – After your mini pieces of canvas are dry, fold them so that they remind you of bow ties, making them by pinching them in the middle, knotting them or tie them into an actual bow.  Secure them with string if you pinch them in the middle. Then fasten the colorful ribbons to hair clips with a glue gun. Voila! Your outstanding hair clips are ready in around 30 minutes.
What a great project to do with the kids, brownie or girl scout troop or even summer camp.  No two will be alike and the kids can have fun doing the “messy” painting while an adult does the final steps…resulting in a smile of satisfaction on each child’s face as they wear their creations.  
Check out Zuzia Bodakowska’s blog for more inspiration and ideas!
Happy Creating!!!




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