DIY Spring Paper Wreath

Looking for a fun spring project to do with the kids, an opportunity to play with your mist paints or just want to have a little fun as the spring flowers begin to blossom?  Well, Kim created this fun and simple paper wreath that can be made and then decorated your way and with our color palette.
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 What you will need:

Tools you will need: Pen, Craft Knife, Snips, Guillotine, 24 inch Omni grid and rotary cutter, 8-9 flower parts from Petaloo, Hot glue and gun, Fabric stiffener, a microwave, small Tupperware, Matte purple flat-back gem, Gold wire-edged ribbon

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Step 1 – Create the wreath base. Cut out an 8-inch circle from box material. Cut out a 6-inch circle from this, leaving a two-inch rim. This rim will be the wreath foundation.
DSCN3443 (1)
Step 2 – Cut two pieces of paper bag wrapping paper: 30×24, and 36×24. I cut this up so that it was easier to work with. You could also use paper bags. Randomly color one side of the wrapping paper with Glimmer Mist – Cranberry, Lobster, French Lime, Barn Red, Dragonfly, Purple Rain; Chalkboard – Canary, Bittersweet, Simply Sheer – Hot Pink, Navy Blue.
DSCN3445 (1)
Step 3 – Cut wrapping paper into 5 x 3.5-inch squares. You will end up with about 80. Fold each one accordion, as shown. Press to make them flat(ish).
DSCN3448 (1)
 Step 4 – With a glue gun attach each piece of accordion folded paper to the wreath. Leaving 1/2 to 1-inch overhang in the middle and overlap each folded accordion piece over the last one. Glue the backs down.
DSCN3449 (1)
To help hold the papers in place you can use clothespins and then remove when dry.
DSCN3451 (1)
Step 5 – Repeat for a second row, leaving about an inch visible at the top.
DSCN3452 (1)
Step 6 – For the third row, again leave about 1-inch showing. Glue each accordion fold front to back before moving on to attaching the next.
DSCN3464 (1)
Step 7 – Design three different flowers with flower parts; each of mine has three layers. Spray with colors used in the folded accordions. Each flower should have multiple colors. Spray all the layers with Glimmer Mist – Penny. This tones them down so they go with the wreath. Spray each layer with fabric stiffener. Scrunch them all together, put in a very small container, and microwave (per stiffener directions). Remove, respray with stiffener, ball together again, microwave. Repeat until you are happy! Hot glue the appropriate layers together to make your flowers. I used a matte purple gem in the center of the largest flower.
DSCN3457 (1)
Step 9 – Cut 36 inches of hemp – avocado, and sisal. Wrap around wreath and glue to back so that it stays in place. Tie in square knot. Create bow with gold edged wire ribbon.
DSCN3463 (1)
So grab some kraft or scrap paper, you favorite mists, Petaloo flowers or you can make your own and a cardboard box and you can make one or gather enough for the entire class to each make one for their mom for Easter, Spring or Mother’s Day.
To see more of Kim’s work you can follow her blog Craftisan Studios.
Happy Creating!!!


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