English Garden Mixed Media with Cold Porcelain

Did you know Tattered Angels has an entire collection of paint kits they call Calendar Kits?  These kits all come with 4 different paints or mists and they cover the special events, seasons and holidays found throughout the calendar year.  There are two different kit types, the Mist Kits, which include 4 assorted Glimmer Mist Paints and the Paint Kits, which include a combination of 4 different Tattered Angels paints.  The calendar starts with January and the holidays begin with the 1st of the year as we celebrate New Year’s Eve and the calendar ends with the Christmas holidays and there are kits for each one and so many in between.  Tracy from the Crew shares a beautiful Mixed media Canvas that shows off the English Garden Kit, which is a terrific spring kit with colors that are terrific for Mother’s Day, Teacher gifts, Easter or garden time. 
The English Garden Calendar Kit is a Mist kit and filled with 4 terrific Glimmer Mist colors.  The kits are a great way to try new colors and expand your color collection with smaller bottles.  
Tracy shows off how great the colors look together in this beautiful mixed media canvas.  The mist paints are terrific for tinting flowers, paper, embellishments, silk, fabric and more, so you can transform your project into the colors of a real English Garden.
 tattered angels calendar kit english garden
You can create a dimensional work of art with flowers, mists and a few embellishments and the results are enchanting.
Materials Used:
Assorted Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists
Homemade Cold Porcelain
Prima Moulds
Bazzill Heavyweight Chipboard
Texture Paste
Gel Medium
 Cold Porcelain Recipe
Cold Porcelain Recipe:
1 cup school glue
1 cup cornstarch
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons baby oil or vegetable oil
Add to sauce pan and heat on low, stirring constantly until it reaches the consistency of ricotta cheese. Cover hands and work surface with additional oil and work into roll by kneading and then wrap securely with clear wrap and allow to set for 24 hours in cool, dry place.   After 24 hours you are ready to create with your cold porcelain.   Apply varnish or a sealer after the pieces you create dry.
Cold Porcelain Recipe 2
 Tracy took step by step photos to show how you how easy it is to make….
Cold Porcelain Recipe 1
Cold Porcelain Recipe 3
Cold Porcelain Recipe 7
Cold Porcelain Recipe 4
Cold Porcelain Recipe 5
Cold Porcelain Recipe 8 Cold Porcelain Recipe 10Cold Porcelain Recipe 9

Cold porcelain clay is different than other clays, but offers a very flexible creative medium for artists and crafters to work with.  When you are ready to work with the clay you may want to add a bit more oil to ensure that you don’t have any cracking or drying too quickly.  Once you create with the clay, allow them to dry for about 24 hours, unless the pieces are very thick, cool space with no draft.  You want the clay to dry slowly to avoid cracking.  There is no need to bake the clay as you do with other clays on the market. You can form the clay with your hands, use a mold, cut it into shape, just let your creativity run wild.  When using a mold it is easier to use a flexible mold and add a bit of cornstarch to help the piece release after molding.  When dry you can seal the pieces with varnish or sealer.  You can try different clear coatings to achieve different finishes.   Keep in mind that this clay is air drying, so to protect the unused portions we suggest you keep it wrapped or in a zip lock bag to avoid any pre-drying out.   You can leave the pieces as they are, paint them with Tattered Angels Paints, Acrylic paints or markers to achieve the look you are going for.  You can also add a small amount of paint to the mixture to color the entire batch of clay.  
English Garden Mixed Media
You can create unique embellishments to add to your art pieces.  Leave them as they are or you can color them during the mixing process with a touch of paint or paint them after they are dry.   English Garden Paint Kit
The clay pulls out the details from the mold and the look is terrific.  The black fence is a good example of the clay after it is painted.
tattered angels calendar kit english garden
Tracy’s selection of colors, accessories and the handmade embellishments created a beautiful English Garden Mixed Media Piece.  To see more of Tracy’s work you can visit her blog – My Grandma’s Teacups.
Happy Creating!!!


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