Exploring Tattered Angels Paints with the Angels

It all started with Glimmer Mist but did you know that Tattered Angels now has 10 different paint and mist formulas?  Each one is unique in its own way.  Most of us Angels favor the Glimmer Mists because they were first and will always have a special place on our angelic craft tables for years to come. But the other 9 options have some very unique properties that are exciting enough to cause premature molting…if that’s an issue for you.

All Tattered Angels Paints are made in the USA with non-toxic materials and clean up is a breeze with soap and water.  

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The Tattered Angels Mists were the first on the market and are still made the same way with a unique recipe for each one.  After each batch is mixed we paint swatches for the label so you will know what to expect when you spray. The original Glimmer Mist is a sheer mist that includes mica and Chalkboard is similar but more opaque.  Simply Sheer and Baseboard mists are also similar but without the mica. Mists are great for tinting and coloring natural materials such as staining raw wood or transform silk ribbon into colorful beauty. 

To see the entire collection take a look at the Tattered Angels Mist Catalog.  It is great to print out to check off the colors you have and mark your mist wish list.  Note that the codes will tell you which is which as you review the colors.  Click on the front cover to get to the catalogs on the web.

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Here are the links to the shop where you will find all of our mist offerings:

Glimmer Mist – Translucent paint with shimmer

Simple Sheer – Translucent paint no shimmer

Chalkboard – Semi-opaque paint with shimmer

Baseboard – Semi-opaque no shimmer


The paint category covers all other paints in the Tattered Angels Paint Shop.  Each formula was created to offer a wide range of options for your creative DIY, mixed media, craft, paper, scrapbooking and decorating needs.  While there are some similarities, they are all very unique.  Here is the Shimmers Catalog

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.26.50 AM

Here is the link to the colors in the shop – NEW – Shimmers – Watercolor in a bottle with shimmer

Stained Glass was designed to tint and color clear objects including bottles, crystals, glass, plexi-glass, acrylic and more.  It is great for chandelier crystals or for tinting bottles and accent items to match your home decor. 

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Here is the link to the colors in the shop – Stained Glass – Resist Translucent paint perfect for glass

Glimmer Glaze comes in the cutest bottle and includes a little brush.  This paint is a glaze and also acts like a resist.  Just brush on to add color to your artwork, to create spaces that will resist mist paint, or to just add color to your creative projects. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.55.43 PM

Here is the link to the colors in the shop – Glimmer Glaze –  Resist translucent paint with shimmer

Glimmer Glam is a tinted paint filled with chunky glitter.  The glitter dries into the paint so there’s no mess but lots of shine.  This is a great choice for top coating or adding a true glimmer finish to fabric and natural materials.  

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 2.55.59 PM

Here is the link to the colors in the shop – Glimmer Glam – Resist translucent paint with shimmer and glitter

High Impact Paint is acrylic paint on steroids, or at least that’s what we like to say.  This extra special paint is filled with pigment and is rich in thickness and color.  We created this extra thick formula for painting on burlap, wood and just about any surface. It is available in pigment colors and metallics.  The paint dries to a smooth, clean finish.  It will even paint the metal knobs on your cabinets or cover finished wood.

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Here is the link to the colors in the shop – High Impact – Semi-Gloss Acrylic Paint

Decor & DIY Paint is Tattered Angels best option when you are looking for a finish similar to Milk Paint or Chalk Paint, but we think ours performs even better.  The formula was created to cover painted furniture and accessories without the need to prime, sand, or topcoat.  The paint will go on in just 1-2 coats and you can blend the colors to make the perfect hue for you.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.22.19 AM

Here is the link to the colors in the shop – Decor & DIY – Thick flat acrylic paint

Those are the paints, now let’s see what they can do! Step inside the Tattered Angels Paint Lab with Erin Reed.  Erin leads the team of Angels working behind the scenes to test products, create projects, and share techniques and fun things that keep all the Angels happy.  Erin thought it would be a fun idea to take the same 2 colors in all the paint and mist formulas and test them on various surfaces to see how they react. She painted paper, ribbon, glass, plastic, wood, gesso, and more. Each video in this 5-part series uses black and yellow for comparison.


We loved the black and yellow so much that we scoured the work of our Angels for more inspirational examples of this dynamic color duo.  


A sneak peek of our new Shimmers watercolors!

Shimmers Paints are great for coloring in black and white art. Use one color or choose a palette. Each one has a paint brush ready to go, making it easy to apply this watercolor look to your art,” Adult Coloring with a Brush.”

CLNZYvziQVeGWL8C6PQc_watercolor sunflower card.jpg

Art by Kim Rippere

Choose one of the more opaque colors as Kim did here which still allows the shading and art to show through.  

csePEVCCR6eTHdAyxKrB_Larissa Pittman

Art by Larissa Pittman

All the paints are perfect for mixed media projects and will adhere to a wide range of surfaces so you can cover found objects to match your theme, distress embellishments to make them look old, or even watercolor black and white art to make it a focal point.  The options are endless!!!!

dkHoW0NXTEip2F5WZj65_Linda Svendsen

Art by Linda Svendsen

The natural canvas used on Canvas Corp Stretched Canvases does not have gesso, making it the perfect surface for just about any paint product.  You can add gesso if you wish but it is not necessary.  

i87vrrigR8uLvHpR2xXv_shareon callis

Art by Sharon Callis

Choosing a simple color palette makes a fun creative challenge.  If you don’t have enough objects in the right colors, just paint them and live in the moment!!!


Art by Ginny Nemchek

Yellow and black is a great palette for summer and garden themes. Ginny demonstrates that with this adorable crate project using DIY Flowers from Petaloo that were transformed to coordinate with the yellow and black theme.

Be sure to visit our Yellow and Black themed Pinterest boards for even more inspiration.

Do you have a favorite Tattered Angels paint formula?  Tell the angels about it, we love to hear your stories!!

Happy Creating and Paint Anything!!!!







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