Easter has past, Spring is in full bloom and the forecast calls for warm, sunny skies. Today is the perfect opportunity to introduce our next featured crew member in our ongoing CCB series where we feature a member of the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew. These stories allow us to show you who our designers are, what inspires them, which mediums they enjoy working in and their favorite projects. We work with such talented crew of designers who love to share glimpses into their everyday life. Through projects, techniques and adventures we can get a view into their creative worlds. The most exciting part of this journey is our crew is located around the globe. This allows us to travel to various regions from our homes or work spaces and experience the cultures of our crew. Today our journey takes us to Carapicuiba, a suburb of Sao Paulo city, in Brazil. Here we introduce you to a wonderful artist, Ilana Polakiewicz .  To learn more about the history of Carapicuiba visit Wikipedia. Ilana shares with us the quieter side of the area where anyone would be inspired.  



The colors of nature and the beautify of the wildlife remind us why we create and inspire us.  We are not sure how one can leave this beauty and step inside the studio, but creativity has a very strong pull.


Ilana makes a fabulous addition to our CCB Crew. Her presence on our team has provided us with so much creativity through her wonderful mixed media works.  Her talent with paper inspires is to pull out the art supplies and start creating. Illana states that; “Some of my projects have sort of a gypsy or Boheme look!” We also think that her works have a free spirited feel, whimsical feel which makes her projects really stand out. We are so excited that she is apart of our creative journey and that we are able to share her world with our creative community. Our story continues to be told through our products, projects and through our incredible crew, like our featured crew member Ilana. 

Everyone of our Crew Members was asked to create a 4×4 Canvas that represents themselves and their personal style. Ilana’s is so boho spirited, we love the words she spelled on it;” Free Your Heart” and the 7Gypsies paper she used. Everything about this piece is purely magical. To make your own with supply list and instructions visit her blog! ilana interview 7 ilana interview 8

Ilana’s design style can best be described as…”This is a very difficult question for me because I like so many styles and I like to make different projects trying not to repeat things I’ve done before. But I think some of my projects have in common sort of a gypsy or Boheme look. What does it mean (for me)? I try to use a lot of elements that don’t necessarily have the same style, color, shape, etc. I like to put everything together trying to use these totally different elements and create a harmonious item.”

Ilana was inspired most to be creative by….” I am very inspired by simplicity and Nature.”

What inspires you most today?  “I am really inspired by painting and drawing. I am trying to learn painting techniques, find interesting materials and I am also reading about the great masters of painting. This has a great impact on how I look at all kinds of art and scrapbooking as well.”

What is your favorite Canvas Corp Brand Product? “I do love paint! So, I have to choose the amazing Glimmer Mists. If I have to choose a color, I will choose English Ivy. This shade is so neutral and chic. I think it is very versatile without being obvious!”

ilana interview

What is one of your favorite Canvas Corp Brands Projects you have created? 

“My favorite project using CCB Products is “You’ll always be my friend mini album”. I enjoyed very much using my glimmer mists and the Gypsy Moments Collection to make this album, about my childhood with my sister, to give her. The result was beyond my expectations.”  

ilana interview 3

ilana interview 2

Do you teach and if so tell us a bit about what you teach, where you go and some of your favorite places?
“I am not teaching. But I would love to..!”

I am the happiest doing…..”I feel really comfortable and happy when I am in my studio creating something. I like to make several projects at the same time. I also love cooking and reading.”

My favorite place to be creative…..”My studio!” I think that is where we love to create too Ilana.

ilana interview 4
Tell us one cool detail about your studio or craft space…”My studio is outside my house and it is surrounded by trees and birds. For me it is perfect.” 

 Tell us one thing fun about you we might not know…
“Well… I make funny voices and I play a “character” I created since I was a kid. But just for my family!” 
Share with us anything about your creative life that you feel would inspire others….”People often say that they are not creative or good in arts and crafts. I think creativity is something you develop, it is like opening a door to let it in. You have to start practicing! When I started scrapbooking it was very funny because I bought some papers and when I got home I had no idea how to start building a page, how to combine the papers! So I asked for help to my sister because she is a very talented artist and she started cutting the papers and mixing them creating very simple pages. When I look at those pages today I am sure that creating is not a magical thing that happens instantly when you want, it is a process. But everyone can create. You just have to start!”
 ilana interview 5
 To see more of Ilana’s work visit her blog Fragmentos Ao Sol and her Facebook Page or follow Ilana on Instagram

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If you are not familiar with the Canvas Corp Crew it is a group of amazing designers from around the world they have come together to create, share ideas, support each other, let us know what we can do better and remind us of what we are doing well. Our Crew is made up of about 100 designers who contribute projects to our blog, design with our products on their blogs, and create models for our trade shows, packaging, and other fun little projects. We love to hear what they have to say, to be inspired by their work, and to learn new things everyday. For more information, about our crew, stop over to our website www.canvascorpbrands.com and if you are interested in being a guest blogger for us apply here.

To see our complete line of products with design ideas provided by our Crew visit our shop Canvas Corp Brands Shop.

Happy Creating!!!



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  1. March 31, 2016 @ 10:56 am Ilana Polakiewicz

    Thank you for this lovely post! I am so happy for being part of the Canvas Corp Crew. : )


  2. April 3, 2016 @ 5:28 pm Kyriakos

    A wonderful person that her work reflects that. Very creative and inspiring.


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