Featured Crew Member: Zuziucha Bodakowska

The Canvas Corp Brands Crew is the greatest design team you will find.  A group of amazing creative people that come together to support each other, inspire, share, ask questions, promote, try new things, help share what we do and we help share what they do…a match made in creative heaven.  For those who do not know what a design team is, well here is our take on it. There are probably much more qualified people to define this but here it goes:
“A design team is a group of designers who generally try out to be part of a design team to support a brand, a manufacturer, a publication, an association or a group.  These groups range in size and range in requirements.  Design calls occur throughout the year and generally run for a year and sometimes longer depending on the team.”
So enough about design teams, let us introduce you to  Zuzia/Zuziucha Bodakowska.
Describe your design style….My style? It depends on what I create. If it’s about albums that I create to sell, I keep them neat and exact, but when I create for me, layouts or other pieces of art of that kind I become more crazy. I use a lot of colour, torn paper and I spread mediums all around.
Mixed Media Colorful Layout by Zuzia

I have also chosen one layout which is one of my favourires. I love it because of the colors and the picture of my older daughter.

Who or what do you give credit to for inspiring your creativity?  You won’t believe it but it is … lack of time. During the school year I am a really busy person. I usually finish work at 8pm and also work during weekends. Most of my o ideas come to my mind when I can’t make them real, because of lack of time. I try to note all of them but it is not always possible to note them all.
What inspires you most today?  Colours and nature.  I love to spend time outside, usually in the forest. I always find such beautiful textures and colours there. Because I create a lot I have many scraps of colorful papers all around and I find color conjunctions by accident.
Rainbow Recycled Canvas

Zuzia created this art piece with her class for a charity!!! Stunning!!

Why is it your favorite?  It is hard to decide which project is my favourite. I have chosen one which is really special for me. In fact I was only supervising it.
Do you teach and if so tell us a bit about what you teach, where you go and some of your favorite places?  I run art classes at primary school. Last year we decided to create a huge canvas which was sold for charity. We used recycled items, paints and tons of mists. I was so proud of the effect, the kids that really wanted to help and myself-for the idea. You can see more details here on my blog about this event.

What is your favorite Canvas Corp Brands Product?  Definitely all Tattered Angels Mists. If I had to choose just one product (can we make it two, please? 😉 ) it would be Glimmer Mist. I love the huge range of colors that they provide.  They shine so beautifully. The other favourite mists are Chalkboards (similar to Glimmer Mist but a bit more opaque). Here you can also choose amongst many vivid colours.
We asked each crew member to create a 4×4 mini canvas that represents their design style, here is Zuzia’s.  You can make beautiful art both big and small.  What a great way to show off photos in a very special way too.
I am the happiest doing…..I won’t be original if I say that I am the happiest creating. But this really is true. I have always loved doing it. The second thing I enjoy the most is horseback riding. After a 9 year break, last year I came back to horseback riding and I am so proud that I am learning to jump.
What is your favorite place to go….. My favourite place to go it would be forest, on horseback or simply for a walk.
My favorite place to be creative…..My favourite place to be creative is simply my home. I never create anywhere else. I need my desk, my stuff, simply my space.
Tell us one cool detail about your studio or craft space…Unfortunately there is nothing cool about my studio. I wish I had one, but now my “studio” is simply a half of my living room. I definitely need more space. To live and to create. I hope one day I will be able to show you pictures of my dream studio, as for now you can see what’s in my drawers 😉
Tell us one thing fun about you we might not know…One fun thing about me…hmmm… In fact, it is not funny at all, but there is one thing not many people know about me-I have a paranoid fear of flying by plane.
Share with us anything about your creative life that you feel would inspire others….I would like to inspire everybody to create for others. I love to help others, especially disabled children and animals. From time to time I create something to sell for charity. It is really wonderful feeling watching people bidding in the auction. This is a double pleasure. Not only you have fun creating but also you can help someone who needs it. It is superfun.
Zuzia inspires us to create and create for others in a special way.  Sometimes so many of us create and keep it all hidden in our studies, our part of the living room or in a closet and we never share our art.  So many people get joy out of creating and the gift of creativity, this post encourages all of us to think differently about out love of art and how we share it.  To see more of Zuzia’s work, check out her blog – http://zuziucha.blogspot.com, you can follower her on Instagram and also on Facebook.


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