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 We are inspired by the world around us and love to showcase new and exciting artist, designers and crafters and our guest designer series is a great way to inspire our Crew as well as each one of you to try something different, show off a new style or help you think outside of your creative box, so from time to time we like to invite crafters to be our Guest Designer/Blogger for a month to challenge us to see things in a different way and so that we may learn more about our products through the eyes of a new designer. This month we have invited Reilyn Coelho known as @paperprettyink on Instagram . Reilyn is a gypsy at heart and through her Instagram account she share & inspire us with all things that has to do with stationary, letters, journals and small vintage snippets.

Where are you from? 

I was born in Brazil but raised in America which I consider my home. After marrying my Portuguese husband five years ago, I moved to Portugal.

How would you describe your design style?
I suppose I’ve never given much thought to it, but if I had to describe my style I would say it’s vintage-eclectic.

How long have you been creating?
The need to create is one that has always been a part of me as a person.  As a child, I’d make doll houses out of cardboard boxes, crochet my dolls’ clothes, and constantly draw and paint. My creativity got me through my teenage years and is proving a great source of relaxation to me now, as an adult.

What is your go to product right now? 
I’ve recently acquired a 1961 Olympia SM3 typewriter and it’s truly been a joy to use it in projects. The typed words adds the perfect cozy, nostalgic feel that I tend to go for with my crafting and it has become indispensable to me.

Do you have a signature touch you like to include in all your pieces?
Yes, that would have to be wax seals. I just love them! They finish things off beautifully with a 3D effect that resembles jewelry on paper. Not to mention that they are great fun to use.

 What advice would you give to someone who gets in a creative slump? 
Although this might sound cliché, the best remedy for the infamous “creative slump”  in my opinio, truly is to go outside and be observant. Anything would do: Flowers, butterfly wings, tree leaves, cloud shapes, mannerism, smiles, birds song, all can inspire within you a feeling or emotion which you then can use as fuel to create. It works for me every time.

 What is the oddest inspiration you have used for one of your projects? 
Twigs. Yes, twigs. I was inspired once by their random shapes and formations.

Tell us one thing that people might not know about you. 
I am a 4th generation circus performer and used to be a trapeze artist. Consequently, I’ve traveled the world with my family and although I’ve settled down in Portugal now, I’ll always be a nomad at heart.

 How often do you create? 
I try to squeeze in 10 minutes everyday to do something crafty related but my big days are Sunday afternoons. Sunday afternoons is “ME” time.

Do you jot down your ideas before you do them or do you create as you go?
To me personally, trying to plan my projects in any way is not the best idea. It makes me feel restricted and disappointed at the end if I didn’t achieve the expected criteria. The most I have in mind is maybe a color scheme or theme, like birds or flowers, and to go with the flow from there. My aim when I craft is to have fun and let myself go, let my mind wander.  My best works comes from this state of mind.

This is a Little video of me adding finishing touches to a snailmail. These vintage style paper folders from @canvascorpbrands are so versatile and neat. They look great also as the letter itself as I chose to do here. Getting total Indiana Jones vibes for some reason.

Little video of me adding finishing touches to a snailmail. These vintage style paper folders from @canvascorpbrands are so versatile and neat. They look great also as the letter itself as I chose to do here. ? Getting total Indiana Jones vibes for some reason. Happy Thursday ???? . . #craftroom #vintagestationery #pipitzakkastore #washitape #waxseal #vintageephemera @7gypies #classiky #packaging #mailswap #swapmail #tokyoantique #waxseal #loveforanalogue #midorilove #midoritravelersnotebook #etsy #kodomonokao #rubberstamp #midorilove #travelersnotebook #snailmail #loveforanalogue #snailmailrevolution #postalstamp #postcrossing #penpals #instahappy #journaling #calligraphy #satisfyingvideos @crafts.feed #surelysimple

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