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Flea Market Treasure Hunting – Upcycled Tin

When I go treasure hunting where I live I don’t have cool flea markets or many vintage shops to go to so I go hunting or as I like to call it junking at thrift shops and garage sales. I have a good time hunting down those special treasures amongst all the stuff in the stores and one thing I run across often is food tins. You may even have some at home and can get started right away on this fun project.

Some tins are so beautiful as the are in their vintage glory but then you have others that you just don’t know what to do with. That is where 7gypsies parchment rub-ons come in, with a little paint and the rub-ons you can transform any tin to fit into the decor of any room.

So here is what I did, after cleaning up the tin I chose and gathered supplies I thought I might use then I did a light layer of gesso, almost dry brushing it on. I dried it with my heat tool then went on to my parchment white paint color again doing a dry brush layer of the paint. The thinner the layers the better. After drying this layer, I applied walnut distress stain with a baby wipe to the whole tin. I repeated the paint and stain layers two more times making sure the layers were as thin as possible. Then I rubbed roughly the whole tin with the baby wipe to pull some of the paint off and have the tin showing through ever so slightly in a couple of spots. Now it was time to add the rub-ons; for this tin I chose to use pieces from the Live rub-ons.

I’m intending for this tin to be decor for a little boys room so I used all the marbles, balls, and game rub-ons from the parchment paper along with some bicycles. I also added some words to complete the look. I love how it turned out. I finished the tin with a spray sealant to protect the rub-ons and there you have – a fun afternoon project to add a vintage look to a room’s decor.

Happy crafting!

Candia Brogdon
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