Glimmer Mist meets Dishwashing Soap

Anytime you can get the chance to create with your children or loved ones becomes part of the memory process. There is something so magical about the experience and everyone learns a thing or two. Today we would like to a share a project and video created by CCB Crew Member Linda of Linolas World and her daughter who used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Dish Washing Liquid to create a fabulous mixed media technique.

When mixing these two solutions together magic begins…..the creative mind awakens and a fun technique is created. Just like this one that we are sharing today from Linda and her daughter….

A fun technique using glimmer mist and dish washing soap. This is all made by my soon to be 12 year old daughter, both the technique and the video….

linda and daughter glimme mist 4

So here is the story and a great reminder that there is hope for the next generation of creatives…my daughter went to my craft room and this is what she made…..beautiful tags using various Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and dish washing liquid.

linda and daughter glimme mist

Something she did just to see how it would look on paper. She used paper tags for ther base of this ink mixture.

linda and daughter glimme mist 3

I have never seen this technique before and I love that my daughter also got the camera running and the result was we made a video for you on this technique she created.

linda and daughter glimme mist 2

Here is the video so you can follow along with Linda’s daughter and try out with this technique. Just grab some of your favorite Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, some paper bases from Canvas Corp and dish washing soap, then you can play along and start making your own master pieces.  If you would like some activity in your craft space, ask your children or grand kids to create with you, if that space is your sanctuary, cover a table outside or maybe even the kitchen table and create the magic there.

This would be a great technique to add to a handmade greeting card for the grandparents or for Fathers Day which is around the corner….So teachers out there that are looking for quick and unique classroom projects, Troop leaders who are always on the hunt for something new or Moms looking for summer activities, Pin this one, it is a great project with a little science to it.

Have some fun with your favorite inks and supplies today!


See you soon and Happy Creating!!!


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  1. May 16, 2016 @ 9:24 am Barb Housner

    fun messy project – wonderful colors she created on the tags.


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