glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor

Glimmer Misting – What Fun!

Hello crafty friends, it’s Patti Senter with you today.  I have a question, are you like me and have a hoard of Glimmer Mists on your shelves too?  I certainly do and they’ve been calling to me.  I had a friend come by recently in need of cards.  She wiped me out of Sympathy cards so I knew it was time to replenish and what better way than to share the process with you. glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor

I grabbed all my favorite of Glimmer Mist color combos (this is just a few here) and a spritzer of water along with a package of  Ken Oliver Water-Media Greeting Cards and the White Note Cards and Envelopes, both from the store.  Along with that, I cut some Canson cold press watercolor paper and let the fun begin.

glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor

There are no right or wrong ways when you’re working with mists, I just spritzed my paper with water and applied the mist, by dripping, misting, pouring or brushing, whichever gave me the effect I was hoping for.  Lots of water will give you a wicking effect, where the water pulls the mist in different directions.  Spraying usually gives you a lighter color over a larger area, than pouring.  Sometimes I’m too impatient and I just like to pour some drops here and there and let the water and mist unite.  The results vary each time you do this even if you use the same mists over and over, this in turn creates the fun and the urge to do more and more.

glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor

Nearby I keep a stack of cut mats to help sop up the spills and splatters as I’m creating my greeting card mats.  The one above is a perfect example of why you don’t want to wipe it with a paper towel and toss it.  I love the ink and it breaks my heart to see it tossed and we all know this is a messy process, but oh so fun.  Whenever the leftover drips allow I create new mats with them.  Of course when the mists blend too much on your work surface and become muddied then it’s time for the towel to become fresh again.  If your paper becomes curled from the water and heat gun a neat trick I use is to run it through your die cutting machine. I use a Big Shot, fold a clean paper in half, slip my misted paper inside and run it through to flatten.   If it’s still a little wobbly flip the paper over and run it through again, this usually does the trick.

glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor tattered angels

I have two videos to share with you today.  The first is the process, where I actually put mists to blank paper.  Video two is the result, twelve cards to give you inspiration to create your own misted backgrounds.  My goal with the cards was to let the mist shine, be the star.  There are few embellishments, no ribbons, twine, just one flower on one card, no bling.  This is a two fold goal.  The second is flat cards which mail easily with little to no extra postage.  I have to tell you though, this is the hardest effect to achieve for me.  I always want to glam them up instead of keeping it simple.

glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor tattered angels

One other thing I always do is to save all the trimmings from my card mats.  I use these to pull the outside to the inside of the card.  You don’t need much, just something from the misted paper to give that tied sense of unity from outside to inside.  Just a little something on the inside is always a nice surprise when you open up the card.

glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor tattered angels

I did satisfy a lot of my a lot of my blingy need by adding glittery embossing powder, using embossing folders and different dies.

So get out your stash of Glimmer Mists, set aside an afternoon to play and just have fun creating.
glimmer mists what fun handmade cards watercolor tattered angels

Be sure and join me on the videos to see how and what I created.

Supplies include Tattered Angels – Glimmer Mists;  Glimmer Glam in Twinkle Toes and Rustic Canvas Home Basics – Cards/Envelopes- Note Cards in White; Ship to Shore – Signs on Ivory  Ken Oliver Water-Media Greeting Cards

Supplies from my stash include Canson Cold Press Watercolor paper,  embossing powders, embossing folders, dies, stamps, Big Shot, Score Board, bone folder

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  1. May 24, 2018 @ 12:31 pm Jean Marmo

    Simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!!


  2. May 28, 2018 @ 8:54 am Julia Cotrim

    I love glimmer mists too!


  3. May 30, 2018 @ 12:46 pm Julia Cotrim

    And your cards and techniques are marvelous!


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