We love to do exchanges, support our team and do fun things that keep us creating.  In 2018  we want to push our dear Creative Crew into new creative adventures. We want them to push their limits, try new things and evolve their creativity. We decided to create a serie of out of the box challenges that we call “Good for the Creative Soul”.  We have figured out 1 special challenge each month.


This is what we cooked up for March:

*Something” (must used something borrowed, something blue, something old or something new – in your project – but NOT wedding themed)

*Use any technique/material you want but it must be 75% CCB products.

Today we share the beautiful work from a few of our Creative Crew Members.

betz golden


“I was inspired by the things one may find and put in their pocket at the beach. Something borrowed is the pocket from my daughter’s jeans. Something old is the floral cloth tape with bling on it (at least a decade old).Something new is the wood molding I used rose gold color wash on. Something blue is the canvas I painted as well as the flowers (I made the fabric one). I wrapped wooden skewers with blue cord to create the stems of the flowers and used colorwash on the wood pieces stuffed in the pocket.”


Vicky Fortier


“I had to think long and hard about this new challenge! When you hear the phrase “Something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new” wedding come right to mind. And even with different project possibilities the something borrowed was an issue. That is until I thought of a picture! That could be the something borrowed. Many ideas of frame came to mind but that was just too obvious. And then I FIGURED it out! I have been hoarding picture frame holders for awhile and that was the perfect starting point. The rest is history”


tatiana Klimshina


“For this creative challenge I made a layout for my 10th year old friends son. He is a hockey star! And recently his team friend left our city to play for bigger team in a bigger city, so this layout is a memory present. Ok, now I will explain the challenge: something borrowed – it is a sheet from the sons textbook, something blue – it is a paper and a part of the hockey team, something new – it is a new medals that boys and a team get in the competition from the photo.”


connie hall


“Something old- I used a Resin unicorn I had saved from my teenage years. Something new- I made rolled roses from my new canvas from Canvas corp brands. Something borrowed- My daughter’s chalk board on stand. Something blue. Shades of blue Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.”


Julia Cotrim


“I found this old music notebook among my stash and decided to alter its cover. I love music, I play guitar and I sing all the time so this challenge touched my heart! For this challenge I used:
something borrowed: the quote
something blue: the music notes, the guitar, the paper behind the door
something old: the music notebook
something new: the mdf frame
It was a pleasure create for this challenge!”


michelle wells


“I turned an  borrowed old wooden frame into a repurposed home decor item, a Shabby Inspired earring holder, using Tattered Angels High Impact Paint & the New Color Wash Paint, and items from 7gypsies to decorate with.”


Priya Satish


“Simple Origami Envelope using papers from the 7Gypsies Junque Pack. Sprayed Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Blue from the Starter Kit Collection and Glimmer Mist Gold. I have also used a piece of scrap burlap and canvas from the Canvas Corp collection that was in the CCB Crew Kit and few flowers, die cut leaves and old book page as to fulfil the theme. Something New – All my Mists and papers from Junque pack, Something Old – Old book page
Something Blue – Glimmer mist Blue, Something Borrowed – Borrowed sewing machine from a friend to sew the papers.”


Juli Ondrush


“He Held Her Hand and they went out for Something! This fun challenge pushed me because I struggled with what to borrow! But after a mini epiphany, I kissed my brain & got to work. Here’s the breakdown: something old=old book paper {from 1914!}, something new=a rub on from a brand new set of Architextures parchment rub-ons, something borrowed=drywall sparkle from Mr. Juli’s workbench, & something blue= 3 fabulous blue Tattered Angels mists!”

lisa winnard


“Create “Something” using old, new borrowed or blue but not wedding related. I used my new products from CCB, old buttons courtesy of my Grandma’s button collection and blue Tattered Angels sprays.”

Lynda Lindley


“Our family reads a lot, so it was perfect to create a bookcover for one of my favorite book worms. I used lots of glimmer mists to color the blank bookcover. I then added the blue lace down the side. I then added the Rose gold paint where I planned to add the rose rubon. Once dried I added the rubon to the top of the paint; which allowed the lines to look super dark. I then sprayed some of the Caper Green Glimmer mist onto my mat and used it to paint the leaves and stem for the rose. I then dyed the page marker using the same Atlantic blue glimmer mist I used on the bookcover. I then added the butterfly to the string. I used some additional Rose gold paint on the edges of the bookcase to grunge it up a bit. I then added the cork sentiment and the sticky back gems to complete the project. Old – sticky back gems and cork word, New – bookcase and rubons, Blue – lace, Borrowed – butterfly clip that was a barrett”


Elizabeth Robinson


“Something Old – Altered Vintage Storage File complete with original ribbon tie, a treasure from my Mum’s Printroom. Something New – Architextures Stash Paque Create. Something Borrowed – Architextures Spectacles (bought for another project, so need to replace them). Something Blue – Crafters Market Advert / Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist – Verdigris.

Altered Vintage Storage File dry brushed with White High Impact Paint before using an Architextures Short Base Clock as a stencil with Verdigris Glimmer Mist. The adding the old Mille Etchings and stickers over the top to create a base to add the advert from the Architectures Create Stash Paque. Finished off by adding an Ink Pen from the Architextures Trinkets and Specticles from the Architextures Findings.”


Viktoriya Porechnaya


“This Borrow Sign with word Go has vintage look with great blue patina color accents for our challenge Something. Something borrowed- the big borrow as main part of this, something blue- blue paints and mists, fabric flowers, Something old-old keys -I added Tattered Angels High Impact paint Light Gold ,Colored Wash Paints Faux Finish Old Bronze and Patina for more “vintage” look and something new -denim fabric , Used TA mists and paints for “borrow”, cheapboards and canvas”


Marie-ange Chenet


” I used an old necklace  with a broken chain that had been offered to me. I then took one of the blue pearls to create this atc. I also use the Glimmer Mists and an old TCW stencil.”


Lynne Joncas


“I think most of us would love to have a kitchen fairy to do our cooking, but I’ve never been able to catch one, so I made my own! My something OLD is the Architextures OLD Kitchen Gadgets Trinket pack( that little wooden rolling pin has been in my stash for a long time too), my something NEW is the big blue rose which came from a lovely kit I recently won, the BORROWED item is the birdcage, which came from a friend who was moving overseas and had to leave some crafty goodies behind, and there are several BLUE items, including flowers, ribbons, mists (used on the canvas strip) the fairy’s blue tulle dress, and recipe cards”


lindsey hall


“For this project, I “borrowed” a vintage brass knob from a cabinet, a very “old” embroidery hoop, and for the “blue” I used paper crafted flowers and Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in multiple blue hues. This altered assemblage clock is a memento of past treasures and new beginnings.”


taru jehkonen


“I made my art journal page with *“Something”. There is something borrowed (jewel), something blue (mist), something old (photo) and something new (Naturally aged kit).”




“I have used an old wine glass and have tried to alter this piece with some gesso, crackle paste, blueish Tattered Angels Mists & High Impact Paints. I created decorations in moulds I borrowed from a friend.  “





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'GOOD FOR THE CREATIVE SOUL CREW CHALLENGE – “Something”' have 2 comments

  1. March 17, 2018 @ 8:36 am Evelyn Walter

    Wow, girls, you all rock! Gorgeous artwork from everyone!


  2. March 19, 2018 @ 8:43 am Julia Cotrim

    Yes! Very nice creations Ladies! Very happy to be among of such a wonderful artists! 🙂


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