Gypsy Moments File Folder Mini Book

Creating a book with file folders is a simple and cost effective way to make a mini book.  Creating one with Printed File Folders, like our Gypsy Moments 4×6’s makes it even easier because each page has beautiful vintage artwork that is a great base for your book and ready for you to add your personality and style.  The Gypsy Moments Collection was designed as an eclectic mix of sayings, art, vintage books, fabrics, etc. that work so well together and become the backdrop of your creations.

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Tools:  paper cutter, hole punch, scissors

Step 1:  Choose the number of pages for your book by layering the file folders one on top of the other in the order you would like them.  Keep in mind you can flip them up and down and over because they are two sided, so you can have a nice variety of backgrounds, slipping in the Kraft folders to create blank pages where you want them.

View More: 2:  choose the center page, this can be a file folder, a folded bag or envelope – something that stands out in the center of your book. (in this case we used a small kraft paper bag and covered it with the saying from the Take Our Breath Away Paper).  With your stack of folders in hand you will want to punch each of them in the same spot from the bottom up (on the fold) and the same from the top so they are even.  You can do one at a time, just make sure that the holes line up.

Step 3: You then run the Jute cord through the holes from the middle.  To make the book a bit more sturdy, we added a strip of e-flute about 1″ on each side of the outside fold of the book and punched the holes in the same spot and glued this to the outside file folder.  Tie this all together with a big jute bow.  Choose a charm or two for the outside of your book that just finishes it off.  7gypsies eclectic mix of charms are fun, whimsical and add a clever touch.

View More: 4: Decorate your pages by adding bags (fold them to fit the way you want them), envelopes, sayings from the various papers, adding book ends and cutting up the words from the Express Yourself Paper to add sayings, words of wisdom or just fun things.

View More: from a wide range of Gypsy Moments Cards that let you turn your book into a sketch book, agenda, daily journal, bucket list book, travel book, art journal and more.  Each pack of cards has 10 identical 2 sided cards that let you journal, sketch, take notes, catalog the day or just for fun.  Keep them handy and fill one out each day as you fill your mini book.  Like this Doodle Gypsy Moments Card.

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Or this Bucket List Card to write down all those wonderful things you want to accomplish.  Embellish the fronts of the cards, bags and envelopes with fun images and notes like this ‘Don’t quit your day dream’ card.

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Choose from an array of vintage tags from the Gypsy Moments Collection and slip them in the nooks and crannies and then cut out words from the Express Yourself paper to make this journal your own.  Share what you feel, what you see and what you want to do.

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The Gypsy Moments Collection is filled with fun sayings, words and ways to capture those moments in life that can be so simple or so major, but together they all make us who we are.

View More: eclectic mixture of florals, sayings, books and vintage artwork works so well together that you can mix and match all the elements to make as many pages as you want.

View More: can slip in smaller sheets to give your book more texture or cut down the file folders – the nice part is there are no rules.

View More: simple book is a perfect way to create a journal for each month with a page per day or spread it out and just add a page when the mood hits you.  You can a file folder book with any of the 7gypsies Printed File Folders


American Vintage 4×6  Printed File Folders – Fun American prints, maps and fabrics


Wicked Gypsy 4×6 Printed File Folders – vintage Halloween designs


Gypsy Moments 4×6 Printed File Folders – the collection used for the models above


Epicurean 4×6 Printed File Folders – recipe, food and cooking themed file folders


Santa’s Journey 4×6 Printed File Folders – Holiday file folders with a gypsy vintage twist

17926 Naked Tabs-Librarie Drawer-USAVintage 4×6 Printed File Folders – this is the only collation with 6 unique folders with 6 different insides – such an easy book.

The simplicity of this mini book makes it a great holiday gift, slip photos in to share with friends and family or make it personal.

Happy Creating!!!!


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