Gypsy Travels to Jones, Oklahoma!

Jones, Oklahoma is a little town not too far outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The location for this town was strategically chosen in order to take advantage of the railroad, which was used for commuting, shipping, and traveling between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. At the time of World War II, Midwest Air Depot was established about 20 miles south of Jones and was a big source of employment for the inhabitants of Jones.

Currently, Jones happens to be the host of a large vintage junk show that is hosted several times a year! This show is called The Old Chicken Farm Vintage Junk Show and it is a two day sale that usually occurs in the spring and fall. According to their Facebook page, the show started in 2013 with just 14 vendors and has now grown to over 600 booths! You can find a variety of treasures at the show, including anything vintage, repurposed, antique, and dusty old barn finds. Some vendors offer their handcrafted items and there are also a number of food vendors and food trucks available during the shows!

Our Oklahoma gypsy, Marie Nicole, was able to attend the spring show and was impressed by the size and quality of the show. Even a whole morning there she wasn’t able to see everything the booths had to offer! She was able to get some bright, vintage photos of a few interesting items to share with us.

gypsy travels oklahoma 7gypsies canvas corp brands

I was so excited to hear about this vintage junk show about 20 minutes from where we live, so I made it a point to attend their May show. It was the perfect sunny day for junking! This was my first time attending the show, but in just the last few years the show has grown to such a size that the owners park shoppers in their fields! This vintage truck was parked near the circle of food trucks and was the perfect photo opportunity and captured exactly the vibe of the show.

The first few booths we walked past confirmed that this was going to be an amazing junking experience.  There was so many items that you could look and search and explore during the whole duration of the show and still not find all the treasures just waiting to be found and taken home! I had so many great finds that I was overwhelmed with what to choose and actually went home empty handed, other than capturing some great photos. Let me show you some of my favorite finds!

gypsy travels oklahoma 7gypsies canvas corp brands

gypsy travels oklahoma 7gypsies canvas corp brands

Burlap sacks and milk cans! Growing up on a dairy farm, these items are very familiar to me. Though a bit strange to see them repurposed into home décor, I also love seeing how creative people are able to put them to use in ways other than they were intended.

gypsy travels oklahoma 7gypsies canvas corp brands

With it being spring, flowers were on display everywhere and in every creative way! Old wooden toolboxes, buckets on pulleys, chairs repurposed into flower pots, and even flowers in old drawers with vintage drawer pulls!

One of my personal favorite pieces I found was this rustic old barn door that had a beautiful neutral wreath on it. The wreath was filled with leaves and oat stalks, and the little tag and pieces of burlap added just the right touch of some vintage interest to it!

Everywhere you loo/ked, there were gorgeous vintage pieces! From old cameras filling a shelf, to colorful vintage chickens, and even chippy chairs hung on a wall!

Who can resist rust? To some, these pieces might look like worthless pieces of junk, but to others, they are remnants of days gone by. Reminders of how the world used to function before today’s technology. Maybe some of us get a little sentimental looking at pieces that are familiar to us from the past, or others possibly see the beauty in the texture and color of the paint beneath the aged surface, hinting at what they once were. Old rusted wagons, chairs, oil cans, wheelbarrows, and even a rusted out torpedo makes us wonder what the story is behind all the rust!

If I had the wall space, I would have taken one (or two!) of these bright red, metal letters home. Some of them had lights inside, and some were just plain bright and colorful!

I also just had to get a few photos of this fun little shack they had planted among the booths. With the tin roof, aged paneling around the sides, and the colorful fabric hanging from the windows it definitely had a Gypsy vibe!

The weather was perfect for walking around and hunting for treasures, whether you had something specific in mind that you were looking for, or you just wanted to look! As I mentioned earlier, I went home empty-handed other than these fun photos. I’d love to go back again for one of their upcoming shows, and maybe this time I’ll fill up the back of our truck with some vintage gypsy treasures!

We just love hearing from our Gypsies around the world! Just judging from Marie’s photos, this show was full of fun treasures just waiting to be found. If you are ever in Jones, Oklahoma, definitely look up the Old Chicken Farm Vintage Barn Show! Visit their WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK PAGE for details!




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  1. April 3, 2017 @ 3:35 pm Linda Israel

    What a fun and beautiful day to be out to see all the wonderful treasures in Oklahoma. I didn’t even know abut the show or I may have gone too. Looks like it was a good time to be out. Thanks for sharing wonderful photos of your trip.


  2. April 4, 2017 @ 4:00 pm Debbi

    Wow! I am glad we don’t live very close to this event. I would have tried to buy everything I saw. haha These are fantastic pics Marie!


  3. April 6, 2017 @ 5:42 pm Karla Yungwirth

    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing!! What beautiful photos and such an inspiring experience! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


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