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Gypsy Travels – My Own Flea Market Findings

Hello my dear crafty friends! Irit Shalom is here today and I want to invite  you to visit a very small flee market mostly known as my own  home.

Let’s say that I live in 4 bedrooms totally modern apartment. My furniture is new and modern, also some of it is in a kind of a vintage look. But everything around are real vintage findings and some are even antiques.

My vintage trip is not an old one. I just began it 5 years ago when we moved to this brand new apartment leaving our huge house for the larger family as our 4  grown up kids moved out. Now, when there are just two of us here ,I found that I really like this so called ” Modern vintage” style of mine and step by step I added a lot of flea market findings together with old family treasures and some great trash findings. For years I collected pill boxes and other miniature home embellishments, but today I am going to share with you larger objects and I think each and every one has a story to tell.

So here is the most treasured piece of vintage – my Grandmom’s inkwell set. I got it when I  got married 35 years ago and she told me that this was the very first piece of home deco  she bought on the flea market when she came back home after 5 years of Second World War and Nazi’s occupation back to Ukraine. So most probably this set it about 80 years old or even more. I never checked  it with any expert as this is my Granny’s heritage and I am not going to sell it. The ” gold” absorber was not a part of this  set and I bought it in Berlin a few years ago.The magnifying glass is pretty old too and I got it here in Israel antique shop.Great help when my husband can’t find his reading glasses.

The second piece was the best ever bargain and was the first one of my pretty large scales collection.This scales are at least 105 years old and I found them in Vilnus ,Lithiania smallest possible flea market and paid something totally ridiculous. Then I checked the piece in my hotel room and here it was – Gardner London sign. The most known British scales company  was active till 1912 only and this piece is now pretty expensive.It came with a set of weights and then I found another fine antique set of weights in this old wooden box to add to the scales.

From this point, I became a “scales addict” and added a few more great vintage pieces to my collection.
The oldest one is this German piece:

The newborn scales found here in Israel:

The grocery scales – made in Israel; should be about 70 years old:

I have a few more scales, but not as antique or known, so I move to another Granny’s treasure that I got after she passed away a few years ago at age of 98- her own and  often used sewing machine. This piece is from 1948  and I still have the printed warranty…
Let’s say that I don’t sew and never knew to use this machine, but its black and gold colors are adorable.

The next piece is the trash one. I found it in the trash and it was in a perfect ” never used” condition. So let me show you the old Hebrew typewriter in this most gorgeous mint color. It is from 1957 and yes, I have the warranty to this one too. Manuela gramophone is from  last century early  thirties  is in a perfect working condition and actually I only keep things that work. So everything shown here works!

And just to summarize the meaning of ” Modern vintage”- here are part of my beauties over the modern furniture piece and under huge TV set.

On the other corner of our living room I arranged the smaller vintage pieces. You can see the scales and inkwell here, but there are two pretty old cameras, both working on this shelf.

The old phone- still ringing… Can’t use it with the modern system. The pair of leather covered measuring tapes; one is from World War 1. The postal stamp device says October 1961, East Germany and this was the last day it was used.

I still can add more and more pieces to this post, but I would add just two as they embellish my walls. The first one is an old abacus I found in Armenia and the second is this washing board that I found just two weeks ago in Albania.

This is my latest flea market finding, but definitely not the last…

Being a travel addicts  for sure helps my flea markets addiction and I promise you another ” home flea market” post in the future with my huge pill boxes, silver pieces and miniatures collection.

Here is just one spot  if you are curious and they all are old silver; and yes- the alarm clock is manual and working if and when I remember to make it work and the pocket watch is from 1890 or something and WORKS!The glass is broken and I am not going to fix it. Old  is old is old!

I hope you like my own vintage findings and see you around!

Irit Shalom


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