Gypsy Travels to Diepenheim

Gypsy Travels to Diepenheim, The Netherlands

This time our Gypsy Travels take us to a small town in The Netherlands, called Diepenheim.

The Netherlands is a small country, neighboring Germany on the East and Belgium on the South. They are still ruled by a King, Willem Alexander, and his wife, Queen Maxima. Though most people think it’s about cheese, wooden shoes, tulips, drugs and its capital Amsterdam, there’s so much more to it! With over 17 million inhabitants, it is one of the most densly populated countries in the world. Yes, there are big cities with loads of bicycles, but there are also rural areas with lovely small towns, farms and cows.

One of those small towns is called “Diepenheim”. In its area there are several castles, manors and an ancient mill. It is one of 8 medieval towns in “Twente” – an area in the East of The Netherlands. It has been around since the 1100s already. Unlike some other big cities surrounding Diepenheim, the process of Industriliasation in the 1900s, surpassed Diepenheim. Which is why it maintained such a small number of inhabitants. Due to the feodal castles and churches, it kept its rural character.

All this makes Diepenheim the perfect scenery, for the annual “Brocante Parade”. “Brocante” litterally means ‘old, but not antique’. It is mostly associated with shabby chic, though. It’s not your local fleamarket for sure. This ‘Parade’ attracts vendors from all over the country, and visitors come from far as well, to try and find the perfect treasure. Accordingly, the vendors know their prices all too well. But with a number of 120 stands, you will be sure to find something good!

Crew member Mandy Leever-Koel, residing in Hengelo, a town situated about 25 minutes from Diepenheim, did bring home a couple of treasures.

Almost 5 years ago, my dad and I visited this fair too. At that time I was pregnant for some weeks, and was looking out for an old baby crib. I didn’t buy in the end, because I hesitated about its practicallity.
My husband drives motorcycles, and decided not wait until our little boy was old enough to ride on the back of them, so he bought a sidecart instead. When I saw this miniature sidecart, I knew my now 4-year old boy would love it. His dad doesn’t own this type, but it would fit the other red items on the shelf in my boy’s bedroom very good.
The blue trim is for when I will sew one my homemade shabby gypsy bags again, and the brass ornaments are always treasures in my view. The dollfaces provide many possibilities for crafting, so I simply had to bring them!

Now onto all the treasures I had to leave behind… 😉

How cool is this old Warner Brothers film-box, paired with the vintage projector?Old sporting equipment… on the floor, there were some old weights too. 

You can never have too many lamps on a ladder, can you? 

This lady had some real special items. Old Victorian lady shoes, some made of leather and some completely beaded. 

This beautiful little shop has a typical Dutch ‘Stepgable’, adorned with glazed tiles in beautiful patterns,
and stained glass windows.

Tutus and balletshoes… I adore ballet, I have to admit. It’s like a fairytale. 

Doesn’t she have the sweetest little face? I wonder what her story is. 

This is the Diepenheim City Hall Building, built in 1881. 

What a silly pothead… 😉  Gypsy Travels to Diepenheim

Where will the gypsies take us next week… who knows…

See you then!


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'Gypsy Travels to Diepenheim, The Netherlands' have 2 comments

  1. May 29, 2017 @ 2:22 pm Nancy

    Oh, Mandy! How I would have loved to join you on this gypsy travel! So many treasures and your photos all turned out so gorgeous! Oh, and that motorcycle is fabulous! I would have snagged that up too!???


    • May 31, 2017 @ 2:50 pm mandy Leever

      You are always welcome! There’s another market like this coming up June 11 in a town even more nearby 😉
      I simply had to have the motorcycle for my boy! ❤


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