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How many times a day do you have a moment where you’d love to write down exactly what happened, at the time it happened, to document what happened? The other day I had one of those moments. I was in my office when one of my coworkers complimented me on my earrings. They weren’t expensive earrings…in fact, I’m surprised they haven’t broken yet (c’mon, we ALL have *that* pair). But even still, her kind words put a smile on my face and made my day. I would’ve loved to have documented it so that on those not-so-happy days, I could reflect at how I felt when I was given that compliment.

This Memory Keeper was made to solve that problem using these pre-designed cards from the 7Gypsies “Gypsy Moments” Collection. These cards were created as an easy form of every-day journaling. So instead of making various layouts for events, this is a great alternative for keeping the every day moments accounted. I created this tray as a creative way to store those moments…think of it as an inside out journal! It hangs proudly in my office, so that the next time I have a thought, a moment, or something to jot down and store, I now have the cards to document as well as a place to store the cards. Not to mention it makes a good story for when I have visitors in my office!

Here’s how I made this hanging memory keeper. I’ve also included a free project sheet that you can download and print off. Enjoy!

Download the Project Sheet:


How To:

tray layout

Use the following layout to follow along with the corresponding steps

1. Cut approx. 10” strips of random scraps from the vintage fabrics and burlap. Tie together with a knot (in the center) and adhere to back of burlap flower. Fix metals onto the flower using a mini hanger and charm of choice and glue flower to corner. Cut a 4×6” piece of chocolate e-flute to fit into the cubbie and glue. Sew a scrap of vintage fabric onto the “take a moment” gypsy moments card and glue on e-flute so that e-flute peeks around edges.

2. (Left cubbie) Use vintage fabric and a little padding to create a pin cushion. (Right cubbie) Sew an ATC file folder on each end to make a pocket. Glue to edges of cubbie and stuff tags (recipe and handmade) out of the pocket.

3. Trim a 4×6 file folder to fit the cubbie. Sew a piece of vintage fabric onto a rectangle of burlap, and a pink piece of burlap onto the vintage fabric (making a layering effect). Using the vintage pin, pin the optical lense into place. Fill apothecary jar with spare fibers and glue onto tray.

4. Trim a file folder to fit across the top opening.Sew the edges of a 4×6 file folder to create a pocket and stuff it with gypsy moments “happiness” cards. Glue so it covers the cubbie.

5. Make a pocket using pink burlap and vintage fabrics. Add glue to the inside edges of the square and glue the pocket into place.

6. Cut 3.5” x 2.75” from the canvas tile fabric sheet and glue into cubbie.Use an ATC file folder to cover the square below. Place gypsy moments doodle sheet and cheat sheet out of the file folder.

7. Cut a 3.5” x 2.73” piece of kraft e-flute to fit the square and glue. Glue the handmade tag on top of the e-flute.

8. Drill two holes to make an opening for the brass rings. Punch holes in the 4×6 file folder. Combine together so the book goes through the rings and is attached to the tray.




Tags & cards





  • glue
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • scissors
  • fiskars drill

Check back tomorrow for more details on creative ways to use Gypsy Moments!

P.S. Have you seen our Gypsy Moments Lookbook?

gm lookbook


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  1. September 9, 2014 @ 5:04 pm Dawnll

    This is such a beautiful project…I can’t wait to make one. Thank you so much for sharing the download.


    • September 9, 2014 @ 5:45 pm ccbrands

      Thank you Dawn! Glad you could download the sheet!


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