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What happens behind closed doors – wall hanging

It was a sordid little street. One never knew what one would find behind closed doors.

Or… so it would seem until one pulled upon the tiny little doorknobs and discovered the truth.

Dogs thinking they are human.Serious women who cannot be taken seriously.

And others who clearly enjoy every last drop.


I had such fun making this wall hanging that I thought I would share with you how it was done.

Begin by cutting two 1″ x 13.5″ pieces of chipboard.  Cover the chipboard with strips of paper from the 7gypsies Architextures 8 x 8 Paper Pad and ink the edges with brown ink.

Next cover the front of the three chipboard houses with paper from the Architextures Paper Pad and again ink those edges with brown ink. Place the two strips on your work surface parallel to each other. Determine the placement of your three houses, making sure you leave room for a text message at the bottom. Remove the houses and determine placement of the Tall Base Fence. Trim the excess fence from the bottom and adhere the  fence to the two strips.

Cut out the doors, the dog and two women from the Architextures Paper Pad. Adhere the doors to thin pieces of chipboard. Then glue black Tyvek strips (or white Tyvek that you have colored with a black pen) to the inside of each door to make hinges. Add 7gypsies Dome Studs or brads to make door handles. 

Glue a micro magnet to the back side of each door, then cover the back of the door with the blue wood grain paper from the Architextures 8 x 8 Paper Pad.

For houses #1 and #3, adhere the second half of the hinge to the back side of the house. For house #2, create a separate panel to place over the top of the house. Adhere the hinges to the back of the panel.

Next, cover the back of the three chipboard houses with any paper of your choosing. This will give the back of the piece a nice, finished appearance.

Then decorate your characters by adding a sticker hat for the dog behind Door #1, a red glitter nose for the woman behind Door #2 and a bottle in the hand of the woman behind Door #3.

Add three dimensional foam adhesive to the back of each character. Lightly set the characters in place, but before securing, determine the placement of your “receiving” magnets for each door.  Glue the magnets in place and then secure your characters.  Add a metal birdcage outside Door #3. 

Glue all the houses to the strips. Print out your message, ink the edges with brown ink and your wall hanging is complete. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Hope you find something fun behind a closed door!


Great Stuff

7gypsies Architextures 8 x 8 Paper Pad
Architextures Tall Base Fence
7gypsies Dome Studs
Architextures Findings – Found Glass Bottles Collection
House Oddities Kit
Sticker hat

Red stickles
Metal Birdcarge
Micro magnets
Printed phrase
3D foam adhesive



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  1. September 25, 2017 @ 9:59 am Linda Simpson

    Linda xxx


  2. September 25, 2017 @ 11:20 am Nancy

    This is such a fun and cool looking wall hanging, Betsy! Your post made me smile! ?❤


    • September 25, 2017 @ 1:50 pm Betsy Skagen

      Thank you so much! We need more smiles and laughter in the world so I am glad I could do so!


  3. September 28, 2017 @ 12:43 pm Tristan Robin Blakeman

    what a clever and intriguing idea – and I love the resolution! absolutely charming.


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