Haunted Paper Houses

So you start with a basic paper house, you know the kind that are small, with perfect little windows and a roof that comes off and you turn it into the most fun haunted gingerbread houses ever.  This paper mache house is a great blank to decorate for any holiday, so we thought Halloween was perfect.  Two designers, two completely different looks, but both are so fun.  These decorated Halloween houses are prefect for the mantel, centerpiece or Halloween decor anywhere.  Depending on how you decorate the windows, you can even fill the insides up with goodies such as candy, cookies or other Halloween treats.  Note:  the house is not a Canvas Corp Brands House – we purchased them at a craft storePicture 151


So let’s get started…..the first house is adorned with a fun combination of Canvas Corp Papers in Halloween, orange, black, ivory and kraft all mixed up and the mixture is so fun.  Cutting, punching and die cutting assorted papers is all you need to create this decorated house.  Use our ideas as just a guide, it is a great way to use some old halloween, orange and black paper scraps and embellishments.  You will find a complete collection of Halloween Papers and Paints to help you bring you haunted abode to life.

Boo Halloween House 

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-fall15What you will need:

View More: http://gladdenphotography.pass.us/canvas-corp-fall15

Step 1:  Cover the larger sections of the house with your choice of papers.  Carefully cut out the windows with an you knife

Step 2:  Cover the larger sections of the roof with your choice of papers.

Step 3:  Cover the base with your choice of paper and add 1/2 circles of canvas and paper (like a welcoming mat)

Step 4:  To make the shingles use a rectangle, tag or small punch an assortment of shingles with your paper scraps

Step 5: Accent the roof with triangles and papers cut a touch smaller and layer together

Step 6:  Make the trees by cutting strips of papers and folding them in half to make these simple tress and put a series of them together with glue and hemp cord to make your tree stump.

Step 7:  To create the Boo Banner punch or cut 3 small triangles or banners and stamp or write BOO and string them together to make the front banner

Step 8: Embellish by cutting out bats, cats and other fun pieces from the Halloween papers.

While our first house is a bit on the cute and simple side, the next house is filled with amazing mixed media techniques.

Mixed Media Trick or Treat House

Now let’s get a little messy and have some Halloween DIY Fun as Kimberly walks us through her haunted paint house.   She will show us some so many fun mixed media techniques that look amazing on this little paper house, as well as, fun ways to use objects you have  around the house like cheese cloth, clothespins, wire and more.  Gather halloween goodies you have, even if they don’t match and transform them with just a little bit of Tattered Angels paints and they will fit right in.


Hi, I’m Kimberly! I wanted to make a spooky haunted house using canvas corp brands products and some goodies from my stash.



You can buy a pre-made paper mache house or you can make one with bookboard or chipboard.

Here is a diagram of a room pointing out all kinds of techy words for roof things so when we say valley, ridge and flashing you can do it your crafty way.  You can decorate all the parts of your roof anyway you like, here are some fun ideas to try.

Step 1:  Apply compound through the Brick Stencil in a messy, haunted house kind of way onto the main house section.


Step 2: Cut black e-flute paper into rectangles for shingles for the roof, then ruff the edges up some.  Depending on the size of the shingles will depend on how many you will cut.  step2

Layer them like real shingles starting at the bottom and work your way up for a clean look or mix it up a bit for a creepy, haunted house look.

step4Step 3:  Paint the inside of the gables with the Yellow High Impact Paint.


Step 4:  Paint the Gable Roof with Black High Impact Paint and distress the yellow gables with Black High Impact and Sable Decor & DIY.

file (4)
Step 5: After the compound is dry, lightly apply Tattered Angels Decor & DIY Paint Sable. Then take a damp rag wipe off some then apply Saffron and repeat wiping it off and lastly apply Cordovan and do the same.  Paint the Gables with Yellow High Impact Paint and distress them as you work with the various paints.  You can mix and match these paints in layers to get the Haunted look you are going for.  Paint the base with the darker paint colors.

file (2) copy

Step 6: I made window eaves using the Jacobean Decorative Clothespins by removing the spring and gluing them together.  I layered the Saffron, Sable and Codovan Paints.  Add some of these paints to various layer of the roof and house to build up the haunted look.  Glue the springs to the front of the eaves and add touches of paint to them. Create one for each of the top windows in the front.

step7Step 7:  The front door was also created with 3 more Decorative Clothespins that were taken apart, distressed and then glued together side by side with the 6th on sideways to give the look of condemned on the house.

Step 8:  I took Small Black Clothespins apart and made a fence.  Let some of the raw wood show, you can even sand off in some places to make the fence look really old.  Glue them all around the base of the house.

file (3) copy

Here are some ideas on how to decorate you Haunted House:

1 – Create the Trick or Treat Signs with layers of cardstock papers and the words from the Haunt It Sampler.  Distress them to make them look like they belong on your haunted house.  Using two straws, painted dowel rods or sticks stick them into the roof and create a Halloween Banner using wire, cords, paper and add cheese cloth.   The #31 was added to the painted chimney.

file (2) copy 2

2 – I found a decorative cross and painted it to match the house, you can add any fun medallions, crosses or jewelry piece and paint it with the Decor and DIY or High Impact paints, both adhere to plastic, metal, glass and other shiny surfaces, so even a plastic piece will paint beautifully.

file (5)


3 –  Place cheese cloth behind the windows and a Beware sign across the front door and add a black cat figurine, stamp or cut one out from the Cats, Bats & Hats Paper.file (8)

Now you can distress, paint, ink, crinkle, rip and play with the elements of your haunted house to get them just the way you want them.  Remember that the roof comes off so you can slip in a battery operated candle and light up your haunted house.  You can also cover the windows with tissue paper to give them a spooky look that does not allow you to look into the windows.

This house is so inviting in a haunted, kinda spooky way.  We are so inspired to play with our favorite mixed media techniques and create a house for our Halloween centerpiece.  

So whether a little cleaner and simply Halloween is for you or a funky, altered Haunted House is your style, it is so fun to play with paper, paint and craft tools to create decor for the holidays.  You can try some of these same techniques on store bought Halloween decor that is in need of a fresh coat of paint or a little updating.  The hardest part is finding the base, so look through those castaway Halloween items and give them a new reason to be scary this Halloween.

Happy Creating!!!


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