How To Make Canvas Waxed Pillows

Summer is here and warm days are ahead for many of us, which means time spent outside, so why not a creative project that can live outside like these amazing pillows.  Kimberly shares with us today on the blog this fun project for creating waxed covered pillows that are terrific inside and out.
Finished Canvas Painted Pillows
Hello it’s Kimberly here to share with you some canvas Corp pillow forms I created for the outdoors .
Materials Used
Canvas Corp – Canvas Pillows – available in a range of shapes and sizes
Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist Paint: cardboard
Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mist Paint: iron
Canvas Corp – One sheet of burlap
Wax- I used beeswax mixed with candle leftovers
Tools Used:  Melting pot for wax, heat gun, brush for wax
To create this almost vintage leather look, Kimberly uses a sheet of burlap as a stencil and a few different colors of Mist paints.  You can choose the colors that work best with your decor, natural and vintage, fun and colorful.  There are over 300 paint colors to choose from and you can use the paints with our without the mica.
Hint:  wear gloves – it can get a little messy 
 Tattered Angels Painted Pillows
Step 1 – Take your canvas pillow and place it inside a box or on a protected surface so the spray will not get all over the place, and then place your burlap sheet over the top of pillow form as a stencil.
Step 1 Part 1 - Burlap
 Step 2 – You will mist directly through the burlap to create this textured look. Now you will take the Baseboard mist and spray closely to the burlap, then let it dry.
Step 2 Part 1 - Misted Burlap
The variety of colors gives you a distinct look and if you choose colors from the color wheel they will blend when they touch and make new colors.  The neutrals simply compliment each other and add texture and depth.
Step 2 Part 2 - Brown Misted Burlap
Step 3 – Now take the Plain Jane mist in Iron and randomly spray over top of the same sheet of burlap
Step 3 - Burlap
You can use other stencils that you have or try some other textured materials such as netting, cheesecloth, packaging or there items with random holes or details and see what you get.  You can use structured stencils too for a completely different look.
Step 3 - Painted Burlap
 Keep doing step one and two until you get the desired look you want for your pillow
You can make variations on the same technique and even use the mist from the burlap sheet to see what happens:   I took a water bottle and another pillow form and I sprayed it to release the yummy tattered angels mist onto a different canvas pillow.
Step 5 - Tattered Angels Mists
The variety of colors and blends makes a great ensemble for a sofa, chair, bed or outdoor furniture.  You can bring in other neutral pillows to coordinate with your DIY pillows.   Before you put them on display you have one more step.   
Step 4 – Melt wax and paint over the top of the pillows using a large brush. Let them dry and then heat it into the pillow using a heat gun until it’s completely melted into the fibers.  This will protect the pillow and keep the misted ink in place.  Step 7 - Paintbrush
After it fully cools, if you notice a heavy spot of wax scrape it off the. Repeat with heat gunStep 6 - Tattered Angels Mists
 After misting your pillows, waxing them and letting them dry you are ready to find them a new home, inside and out!!
Burlap Misted Pillows
We love these faux leather pillows that have a great look and blend with just about any environment.
For more creative pillow ideas visit some of these great posts on our blog – The Creative Studio -Pillows
Happy Creating!!!


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  1. June 8, 2016 @ 12:32 pm Nancy

    These look amazing! I don’t think I would have thought of this idea in a million years! I love them! ❤


  2. June 10, 2016 @ 11:30 am Carla Hundley

    Pretty cool looking and
    wonderful technique.
    Carla from Utah


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