How to Make a Shabby Chic Burlap and Canvas Bow

When it comes to gift wrapping it can be as creative as the gift inside.  Why just wrap and put a store bought bow on your special gifts, when you can make something unique that sets the tone for the gift inside?  Ava shares some simple and very cool tips on how to make your own bows and we are pretty sure that an assortment of these bows should be under the Christmas Tree this year in the fabrics, ribbons and embellishments that match your tree and decor. How cool is that?!how to make a burlap and canvas bow
Designing unique bows is easy and a great idea when giving a gift to someone special in your life.  The gift giving season will soon be upon us and here is a bow that will dress up any wrapped gift.


Here is a list of what Ava used or gather bits and pieces from your stash of canvas, burlap, fabric, ribbon, lace, trims, flowers, embellishments and more.  Each bow will be different and that is the goal, but if you pick the same color story they will all look amazing together.
Materials Used:
Canvas Corp- White Waxed Cord
Canvas Corp- 12×12 Burlap
Canvas Corp- 12×12 Canvas
Canvas Corp-Printed Damask Burlap
Canvas Corp- 12×12 Lime Green Canvas
Canvas Corp- Burlap Ivory Flower
Black Mesh Ribbon
Southern Ridge Trading Company – Small Wooden Sleigh
Clearsnap- Twinkle Fairy Dust-Donna Salazar
Maya Road – Leaf stick pins
Washi Tape
Florist Wire
Tools Used: Westcott Brand Scissors: Round marker cylinder shape (tube marker)

Step 1 – Start with the gift.  Wrap it with the paper of your choice.  Brown Kraft or a white butcher paper let your bow and ribbon stand out.  (Here is the gift that is being wrapped in kraft paper, measuring 11″ x 25″)

Step 2 – Collect all of your burlap and canvas and measure strips about 2 inches wide by 6 to 10 inches long. The length of your strips will vary upon the size of your wrapped gift. The number of strips will be your choice. I used approximately 10 strips because my gift wrap was a large frame. Your choice on the fullness of your Rustic bow.
Step 3 – Tie your strips of burlap and canvas with an extra long piece of waxed cotton cord. Once tied and secured, cut the stacked 2 inch burlap/canvas strips into 3 strips close to the centre of the tied stack of burlap. Repeat on other side of knot.
Step 4 – Paint the wooden sled with your favorite paint and before paint is dry add a dusting of the Twinkle Fairy dust.
Step 6 – Take your favorite washi tape and wrap some florist wire.
Step 7 – Slide into the central knot the wrapped washi tape wire and curl the wire with a marker.
Step 8 – Add some lime green leaf shaped burlap as leaves behind the burlap flower.
Step 9 – Adhere your sleigh and bow over top of your fluffed up strips of gathered burlap and canvas. Adhere the black mesh to the wrapped gift. Then tie the designed bow onto the package, tying a knot at the back of the parcel to hold the bow in place.  A few stick pins to embellish the top of the bow. Continue to embellish expressing your love of CCB products.
Put it all together and wrap the gift with ribbon, fabric or lace and apply bow in the center.  You can make the bow as big or small as you like.
This fun project is a great way to use up bits and pieces of your favorite trims, laces, fabrics, embellishments and more.  Choose your color palette and then gather everything that matches so each bow is a bit different, but they all look AMAZING TOGETHER.
To see more of Ava’s work visit her blog and follow Ava on Instagram.
Happy Holiday Creating!!!







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