How To Paint Poppies on Canvas Banner with Tattered Angels Paints

We are excited to share the work of Heather Kindt today on the blog.  Heather is one of our Canvas Corp Brands Crew Members and loves to create a lot of her work in her beautiful journal collection.  We were so excited when she choose one of the new Canvas Corp Banners to play with using the entire Tattered Angels Paint Collection. Heather thought it would be fun to see how they all work together and also how they perform on canvas.  Heather loves to test the boundaries of art and craft supplies because, “the results are not just dependent on the artist’s skill; it is important to know how to get your supplies to work for you.”  Sometimes the results are not exactly what she expects and other times the results are even better than planned.  We don’t know about you, but we think this project is pretty amazing.

painted posies banner canvas corp


With this banner as inspiration we are going to explore what happens when you mix a wide range of Tattered Angels Paints. Heather took time to understand each product and its intended use, this helps you decide how to use each one when you mix them. Therefore, let us tell you a bit more about Tattered Angels Paints you might not know.

Mist Paints: Glimmer Mist (with mica), Simply Sheer Mist (no mica), Chalkboard Mist (opaque with mica) and Baseboard Mist (opaque, no mica) – Sheer water-based paint with dye that can be misted or painted on. All the mists are terrific for staining wood, raw canvas, burlap and other natural materials.  Like watercolors a varnish or topcoat may be used to protect final projects. Mists are non-toxic, water-soluble. 

Glimmer Glaze Paint – Semi-opaque paint that comes with a brush applicator.  Perfect for applying color to specific details on your project.  As a glaze, it is beautiful layered on top of a painted surface. Use the glaze like a resist to spray mist over.  It also dries with a slightly raised glossy texture.  Non-toxic, water-soluble and will adhere to virtually any surface.

Glimmer Glam Paint – Semi-opaque paint that is infused with large particles of glitter.  Shake to disperse the glitter. The glitter will dry into the paint and not shake off.  Non-toxic, water-soluble and will adhere to virtually any surface.

Stained Glass Paint – Sheer paint designed for clear and light surfaces such as glass,  plastic, acrylic, pearls, etc.  Layer with paints and mists on other surfaces for a unique mixed media look.  The paint dries transparent.  Non-toxic, soap and water-soluble.

High Impact Paint– this is a soft body acrylic style paint.  The consistency is thick and it is completely opaque allowing you to paint onto smooth and textured surfaces with ease.  Available in both metallic and basic colors.  A terrific paint for stenciling on burlap, barn wood and other very rough surfaces.  Non-toxic, water-soluble and will adhere to virtually any surface.

Decor & DIY Paint – Comlarable to chalk and milk paints on the market, this paint was designed for painting furniture, accessories and larger projects. However it looks amazing on many more crafts.  As another acrylic paint it is perfect to layer with the High Impact paints. No sanding, no priming, no top coat, indoor/ourdoor use and can be applied indoors, non-toxic and no odor.  Soap and water clean up.

The Canvas Corp Banner Heather used is 100% cotton and comes in a range of sizes and shapes.  They are perfect for painting, stamping, stenciling, inking, misting, etc.  The natural canvas is very welcoming to just about any medium and the results are stunning as the colors are actually richer and deeper than on paper or a gessoed surface.

Blank Canvas Banner

The Background is an ombre effect using Chalkboard Mist in blues and brushing on White High Impact Paint which captures some of the blue and helped to create this look. Heather mentions, “when you work on a fabric surface the paints soak in and spread out through the fibers. With water it is easy to blend the colors into a nice smooth effect.”

Decor & DIY Paint Tattered Angels

Heather used a combination of High Impact Paint, Decor & DIY Paint and Glimmer Glam to paint the flowers, stems and grass.  One of her mantras is to never use one red when you can use three or more reds. The variety of paint types create varying color intensities and textures that look amazing together.

glimmer glam paint on canvas glitter paint

 The touch of Glimmer Glam in the right places adds just the right amount of glitter to create depth with making the stems particularly sparkly.

diy paint tattered angels

The beautiful large red flowers are accented with oranges and yellows and centers of blues and blacks with just simple brush strokes.  You can see that clean precise edges are not important, it is the layering of thick, thin, matte, shiny, solid and shimmer that make the flowers interesting. The Tattered Angels Paints can get the look you want since each paint has a different thickness giving you different effects to work with. 

painted posies banner canvas corp

The poppies translate beautifully from home decor pieces to wearables with this beautiful painted apron that uses the same techniques.  Heather painted this CREATE apron that makes us want to get our paints out and not only create one project, but something for ourselves that inspires us as we create.

canvas corp aprons

While mist is not a permanent dye, it tints or adds color to fabric beautifully.  If you are not planning to wash your home decor or apron you can mist away.  If you want to add some protection to your finished project Heather has a few ideas.

There are many commercial products designed to protect watercolor, pastel and other vulnerable media. Aerosol varnishes by companies such as Krylon come in many finishes such as satin or glossy. A few coats following the instructions will help protect your work. There are also fluid mediums and ModPodge that you can paint on while you are applying mists. It’s up to the individual as to which one is the best.


The poppies feel as if they are laying down on top of the apron rather than painted on.  Heather tells us that, “these poppies are more realistic when compared to the banner because I was looking at a photo while working on them. I used the same paints but was able to make better petal shapes and know where highlights and shadows go because of the picture. I also took advantage of the texture of the canvas by letting it show in the petals. The roughness ends up making them look soft. This is an example of getting my materials to work for me.”

canvas blank apron

 This apron has 4 pockets on the front which are terrific for adding a cell phone, ear buds and a few craft tools (warning – don’t stick your scissors in there!!!)  The texture of the pockets might be intimating, but a bold pattern such as stripes and a special word painted across is a great touch–consider personalizing your project with your name! Heather suggests adding the letters with a thin line of pencil, marker or paint and then go over the lines multiple times, “it is much less intimidating to know it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. Go over your writing a second time to make the first letter larger or make other adjustments. Then letter go from imperfect to artsy.” We call it awesome.  

Canvas Multi Pocket apron

No matter what you are painting or what your crafting style is you can create a custom apron that is all you.  From a brush stroke apron that is filled with the colors, splatters and remnants from past work to a detailed pained apron the sky is the limit. Create a project just for you that is all you. 

To see more of Heather’s work follow her FaceBook  and find pictures on Pintrest and Instagram.  Also look for more in past and upcoming issues of Art Journaling magazine. Heather loves to “talk shop” so is happy to answer questions if you want to leave them in the comments. 

Happy Creating!!!!!


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