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Ideas for your own Farmhouse-Style Autumn Table Decor

Welcome back to the blog today, crafty friends! We love seeing all of the festive home decor this time of year, whether it be the rich hues of reds, oranges, golds, and yellows, or a more neutral palette.  Tablescapes are all the rage for holidays, weddings and we say for every day.  It is fun to gather together random items to create a beautiful ensemble that allows you to show off your design style.  If you are not sure how to create one, no worries there are not too many rules.  Here are a few simple things to keep in mind as you embark of a tablescape of your own.

  1. Choose a theme, color story or collection of like items to give you place to start
  2. Gather an array of items that are not too big and not too small. A variety of sizes and shapes are great, but you don’t want anything overpowering the others.
  3. Not all items have to be seasonal or themed, include some everyday pieces to balance the display and maybe a few unexpected items.
  4. Consider a tray, table runner, basket or other piece that is the center or helps to anchor the other items
  5. If you don’t have items in all the right colors, consider painting some items to help bring your ideas to life or covering them with simple burlap bags or wraps
  6. Add a handmade or crafty touch to make it your own – consider custom napkins rings, paper chargers, painted placemats, a stenciled table runner, etc.

Adding a hand-made touch gives the entire tablescape a one of a kind look that is truly your own.  


Today, we want to share this lovely little farmhouse-styled autumn table decor created by MARIE NICOLE. The neutrals of the burlap and canvas pairs well with some fresh greens and white pumpkins.  You can transform colorful items to create a a neutral pallet with a touch of paint or a burlap sack to hide a bit of color or choose a pop color like green.  Marie Nicole will walk you through her design ideas and inspire you to create your own, we are sure of that….

Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my simple, farmhouse-styled table! I love the farmhouse look, as well as the neutral autumn style, so I decided to combine those two decor styles into my little kitchen table this autumn.

I began by styling my centerpiece- this wooden tray that I picked up for $1 at a thrift store. This tray has been repurposed and repainted many times, but I decided to give it a fresh coat of CRYSTAL DIY PAINT, and then cover the inside bottom with some CANVAS CORP BURLAP. If you didn’t already know, Canvas Corp sells 3# bags of burlap and canvas scraps in their store! I grabbed a piece of my BURLAP SCRAPS just big enough to cover my tray bottom, cut it down to size, and laid it inside the tray. I did not adhere it down, but it would be simple to do so if you wanted it to stay put permanently.

Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

You can paint outdated orange pumpkins a nice white or metallic color and give them new life.

Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

Canvas Corp offers a wide range of burlap pieces, bags and accessories you can include in your display to give the perfect touch of texture and color.

I filled my tray with an assortment of green plants, twine balls, white pumpkins, and a few other knick-knacks here and there. I added one green plant to a BURLAP SAGGY BAGGY and placed it behind my battery-candle lantern.

Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

Perhaps one of my favorite features of this table setup is the plate settings. I stacked several of my plain, white plates, and also added a pie tin, as well. The look of some rustic tin helps to pull off the farmhouse feel. If you don’t have a stash, keep an eye out at flea markets and garage sales and stock up.  Don’t worry if they are little bent up, they give even more character.  I added a folded  NAPKIN, and placed a little CHALKSTOCK TAG on the top plate. Canvas Corp’s CHALKSTOCK is such a unique material- it is one of my favorites! It is a cardstock but also can be written on like a chalkboard and then wiped clean to use again! I added the “thanks” die cut word to the front, but you could handwrite anything using a piece of chalk. Another idea would be to tie a piece of chalk to each table setting, so your guests can write down what they are thankful for, or a nice note of thanks to their hosts.

Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

If you are looking for a fun way to add your own touch and use some of your favorite craft tools, you are going to love this paper wreath I made that acts like a charger around my plate settings.  I wanted to add more greenery into each setting, but didn’t want to use flat green cardstock, so I started with basic 12×12 WHITE CARDSTOCK to cut many leaves with using my Cricut machine.  You can also use a punch or if you are really artsy,  you can cut them by hand.   I then assembled my wreaths by hot gluing all the little leaves together in the shape of a wreath, using a plate as a guide to be sure I made the wreaths the correct size.  You can also cut a piece of cardboard for the backside to glue your leaves to. Bend them a bit to give them a 3-d look with lots of great texture.

Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

Glimmer Mist Paint by Tattered Angels is an amazing mist paint that is ideal for adding a high end look to paper, fabric, silk, lace, burlap and the natural and textured fibers.  This amazing paint has a touch of mica, giving each leave a slightly different tone and shimmer.  If you do not want metallic in your setting choose one of the Simply Sheer paints that is the same great paint without the mica.  To use Glimmer Mist Paint simply shake the bottle side to side and mist.  You will want to do this away from your table and adorable decor pieces because you might spray them as well.  You can paint each leave by itself and then create your wreath or mist after they are glued, both work really well.  To see the entire collection of green paints by Tattered Angels.

I decided to glue my wreaths together and then spritz them with several colors of GLIMMER MIST. For the green, I used MOSS. Over that, I added a light layer of STERLING, which is a shimmery tin color. Then, I also added some BRONZE. Adding the metallic colors helps give the wreaths more shimmer, and the combination of the gold and silver helps it subtly match the pie tin in the place setting.

Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

Underneath my whole tray and place settings, I draped a CANVAS RUNNER across the table. I love the plain, neutral canvas of this runner, but it can be easily painted or sewn on to complete any look or theme you might want to achieve.Neutral fall tablescape. Canvas Corp Brands

Thanks so much for stopping by for a look at my farmhouse fall table! Most of these ideas are so simple and easy to make your own! Also, don’t be afraid to raid your house for decor items that you already have. No need to go buy new and explensive plates every year! With a few neutral items, so creativity and personality, a simple setting can become warm and inviting for any of your holiday feasts this year!

Happy creating!


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