Little Butterfly Canvases

Looking for a cute, simple way to decorate your child’s room or even your desk at work? Check out these lovely mini canvases that are perfect for brightening up any space!

Today, Amber is showing us how to transform these little stretched canvases into something that will make anyone say, “Wow, where did you get those?!” Using an old book, a few Tattered Angles High Impact Paints, some ink and Canvas Corp Stretched Canvases, Amber works magic.

Hello everyone! It’s Amber here sharing a trio of canvases I created with three 4×6 Stretched Natural Canvases and some Tattered Angles High Impact Paints.

file (1)Materials you need:

Tools you need: Paint Brush; Sewing Machine and/or Needle & Thread; Paper Adhesive; Mod Podge;Stapler

This is a fun project that can be altered to fit any ones crafting style. I created three coordinating canvases for my craft room in three different colors. I used Tattered Angles White, Yellow, Lt. Pink, and Turquoise High Impact Paints to add a pop of color to each one of my canvases. The bright vibrant colors along with the inspirational sentiments make a fantastic addition to my craft room.

Below are a few step by step photos to guide you in creating your own canvases.



file (2)

Step 1. Gather three 4 x 6 natural stretched canvas and paint each one white. After the white high impact paint has dried paint each one with a different colored Tattered Angles Impact Paint. I used Yellow, Lt Pink, and Turquoise.  Canvas Corp Stretched Canvases do not have the traditional gesso applied to them, they are just raw, natural canvas.  This gives you a great place to start when applying just about any crafty product including paint, ink, rub-ons, iron-ons, glue, stamps, etc.  The natural fibers of the canvas easily except these mediums allowing you to created some exciting, creative things.  You can apply your own gesso in areas or all over if you want the product you are using to sit on top of the canvas or leave it as is and the product becomes a part of the canvas.

After paint is dried rip and tear three pages from an old book. Apply one page to each canvas front with mod podge.

file (3)

Step 2. Rip and tear three more pages from an old book. Cut three pieces of canvas out of a 12 x 12 canvas sheet and paint them to your match canvases. High Impact Paints are amazing on just about any surface including canvas, burlap and other fabrics, that apply beautiful and will work for stenciling and even writing on the canvas.

After the canvas pieces have dried cut them into rectangles and add them to the book pages with some ivory thread. Add stamping, embellishments, die cuts and stickers to pages as desired. Tip: I didn’t have any metal heart brads to match so I painted each one with a coat of Tattered Angles Impact Paint. I painted one in each color.

file (4)

Step 3. Stamp some butterfly images or any other images you want to use for you canvases onto some black book pages. Cut and bend wings.  You can also stamp onto raw canvas as an alternative.  We suggest pigment or fabric ink when stamping onto canvas for the best result, test your favorite stamping in to decide what works best for you.  When you stamp on fabric your are creating your own printed fabrics, what a great way to bring life to your old stash of stamps and create new craft products to work with.  After stamping them you can add color too with fabric markers or permanent markers, the possibilities are endless.

file (5)

Step 4. Staple stamped butterflies over painted canvas pieces. Attach finished pages to coordinating canvases with some paper adhesive.

file file (6) file (7)

Wow, Amber – these are absolutely adorable! We love the idea of ripping and re-purposing materials like you did here. Altered art is so cool and so in right now!  These are great gifts for teachers or class room projects when looking for great ideas for gifts the kids can make for moms, dads or grandparents.  Have the kids bring in used books and show them the value of recycling and crafting with things you have, offer a stash of stamps and all that is really needed is a stretched canvas and some canvas scraps for each student.  This project also gets them each sewing just a bit (by hand would be the easiest) and yes boys can do it too!!!!!

Check out Amber’s blog here.

Happy creating!!!!


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