Make Your Own File Folders Your Way

You know what’s fun? Doing a project then getting someone else’s take on it. Or in this case…several someone elses!

I recently created some file folders out of 7gypsies 12 x 12 scrapbook papers. This video has instructions for the very simple process:

I was curious to see what someone else might come up with if they started with my process, but then made it their own so I threw that challenge out to a few of my fellow CCB Crew Members. They blew me away with their file folder renditions!
Marie Johansson made mini file folders to neatly store her unruly ephemera and scraps:
BEFORE: Marie Johansson's ephemera stash was a hot mess!

BEFORE: Marie Johansson’s ephemera stash was a hot mess!


AFTER: Marie made mini file folders to help sort and store her loose ephemera.

Lena Holmström made a super cool tote for her gorgeous file folders:


Lena Holmstrom’s file folder purse.

Inside Lena's file folder handbag

Inside Lena’s file folder handbag.

Marie Nicole Heiderscheit’s folders perfectly reflect her own personal style. Watch her video to see the magic happen:


Marie Nicole’s stylish and feminine file folders.


Just a touch of sparkle gives these folders a wow factor!

Erin Reed’s folders feature some of the newest paper designs from Canvas Corp’s Miscellanies collection. Check out Erin’s blog for more photos and to see a video of her process:

Lynne Forsythe’s Gypsy Seamstress file folder decided it wanted to be a fabulous mini album. Visit Lynne’s blog for more details and photos or watch her process video:


Shel C’s Christmas-themed file folders are perfect for organizing all your holiday notes and lists. Watch her video for all the details:


Shel C is organizing her holidays with these cute file folders.

So the next time you see a project and you think to yourself, “Okay it’s cute but it’s just not me,” or “It doesn’t really fit my style,” remember that you can give your own personal touch to any project, style, or theme to make it your own. That’s what crafting is all about!




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'Make Your Own File Folders Your Way' have 2 comments

  1. November 3, 2016 @ 8:29 am Barb Housner

    what fun file folders and everyone’s is so different. You sure cannot make an electronic file pretty.


  2. November 3, 2016 @ 1:15 pm jean marmo

    Such fun! All so different and unique! Love this!


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