Mixed Media Origins 2 page layout – Spread Your Wings (Kit Available)

We decided to have a little fun creating scrapbooking layouts with the new Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers and we were blown away with how fun they were to make.  You might think, oh I have done a thousand layouts and this is really not that special and you might be very right, but when get to do a little adult coloring with a brush, play with a fun new gadget the Gyro Cutter and then put the layouts together that look good enough to frame, then we call that fun.  We will walk you through the steps to make the layouts, but we are also trying something a little different, you are offering a kit in the shop with all you need to make both layouts.  You can follow along with the following steps and create your own design or pick up the kit and have everything at your fingertips.  The kit is available with and whiteout the paint.  
Mixed Media 2 page LayoutThis layout features two beautiful Senior pictures that are framed beautifully in these layouts.  They were part of a set of 4×6 proofs and what fun to bring them out of the box for the world to see.

Tattered Angels Mists and Glaze

What you will need:

For those not picking up the kit here are the products used:

Tools:  Gyro Cutter, Cutting Mat, Paper Cutter, Scissors, Beacon 3 in 1 Glue, Small Paint Brush, Paint Palette or small plastic cups

You will be doing parts of both layouts at the same time, so we will intertwine the steps with the end results being 2 pages.  

Page 1

Mixed Media Origins

Page 2

Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins PaperStep 1:  Feel the paper!!!  Do you love it?  Ok now you can trim headers from each of the papers with paper cutter and then trim one of the papers 4″ from the right with the paper cutter and the other paper trim off the butterfly section.

origins with fiskars paper cutter Step 2:  Time to do a little painting.  This is the fun part, put everything else away, shake up each of the paints and pour a small amount into tiny cups, a plate or onto a craft mat.  With your paint brush color in the spaces on the papers you want to color.

Watercolor with Glimmer Mist

With you brush you will apply the paint.  You can be generous or add just a touch of color.  You can add more to get the color or feel that you want and you can leave some spaces unpainted.  You may want a few brush choices to allow you the details you would like.  One with a finer tip and another with a flat tip are good choices or pull out your full set.  If you do not have brushes, what a fun project to encourage you to purchase a few single brushes or a small set.  Keep in mind the cheaper the brush the less reliable.  The bristles will be loose, can be uneven and they hold the paint differently.  On the other hand very expensive brushes are not necessary.  Just something right in the middle is a great choice.
adult coloring with glimmer mist

You can use the samples for inspiration or follow them, the key is have fun.  You should have 4 cuts of paper in front of you so let’s give them each a name to help keep them straight:

1 – large cut with flowers and butterfly

2 – large cut with single butterfly

3 – stripe of butterflies

4 – extra pieces (we are going to color it and then cut it up)

Let’s begin with piece 1 where you will color the butterfly with the turquoise paint, the flows with the pink and the branches and leaves with the variety of greens.  The inchworm was painted with the lime green and you can add touches of the lime in the branches too.  The color will appear to go on dark and then magic occurs as it sinks into the paper.

adult coloring

You can add more paint in certain areas to add more glimmer and color and for shading and depth add a darker color like the Rose Leaf with creates the deeper green color on the leaves.   


Section 2 you will color the pattern with the Olive Vine and the butterfly with the turquoise mist.

adult coloring with paint

Section 3 paint the butterflies with turquoise and then paint the background with the pink.

glimmer mist butterflies

Section 4 paint the script with Olive Vine and the design with pink.  Set all these pieces aside to dry.

pink glimmer mist

Step 3 – Now it is time to Gyro cut your butterflies.  What is Gyro Cutting?  Well it is is an awesome tool that works like a pen and allows you to draw around the object in the center of the paper, perfect for cutting stencils and other hard to cut items where scissors just won’t work and an E-Acto knife does not work as well on the cuts and curves.  To learn a bit more about how it works here is a great video Gyro Cutter Youtube video.

gyro cut with origins paper

Trim around the larger butterfly on section 2 but leave the body intact, only gyro cut the wings out.  Then gyro cut one or more of the butterflies from section 3 the same way, we cut 2 in the sample, but you can cut out as many as you wish.  You can cut them before painting, but we think it works best to do that after the paper is completely dry.

turquoise glimmer mist butterfly

Step 4 – Let’s put the pages together starting with page 1

Page 1 Mixed Media Origins Layout


Mixed Media Origins Paper Page 2

You have now adult colored with a brush, you have played with the Gyro Cutter (if you don’t have one we really think you will like it) and you have had the chance to work with the new Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers.  We hope these layouts fill frames in your home, begin a new scrapbook or maybe be become gifts for graduation.  

Butterfly Scrapbook Layout

To order this kit without the paint Mixed Media Origins 2 Page Layout Wings Kit (regularly a $24 value) – kit includes: 2 Mixed Media Wings Papers, 3 sheets of printed cardstock paper, 1 strip of lace and 1 strip of black ticking fabric

or Mixed Media Origins 2 Page Layout Kit with Paint (regularly a $75 value for $39.99 retail) – kit includes: 2 Mixed Media Wings Papers, 3 sheets of printed cardstock paper, 1 strip of lace, 1 strip of black ticking fabric, 5 bottles of Tattered Angels Mists and 2 bottles of Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze.

To see the entire collection of Mixed Media Origins papers you can see them all in the shop.  They are all two sided, so they are great to use for 2 page layouts and other craft projects.  The paper is also available blank if you would like to doodle your own art – Mistable Paper Suede

If you like the idea of having kits available with the projects you see on the blog please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Happy Creating!!!


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  1. August 23, 2017 @ 10:18 pm Leslie Johnson

    Love the how-to video and would really like more kits like this one. A great value and everything is ready for you to make. Can’t get much easier that that. Thank you


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