Modern Art – Crazy Egg with Tattered Angels Paints

Painting on unique surfaces is fun to do, but what paint to choose?  Crew member, Marie Johansson, created this mixed media egg art with paints that worked perfectly to cover the way she wanted them to be covered.  Marie used a variety of Tattered Angels Paints for her project and the results are so fun.   


Marie says, “sometimes you have to play limitless with your craft supplies. That is what I did making this totally nutty Egg with Tattered Angels Mists, water, an old ugly paper egg and some 7gypsies metal pieces.”

Let’s talk about the paints for a second…

Decor & DIY Paint – similar to milk paint and chalk paint this is the perfect choice for covering any surfaces with full coverage and covering up what is underneath.  No need for sanding, priming or a top coat, just wipe off your surface and paint.  This paint is a great choice for furniture, accessories, embellishments and objects with different surfaces – glass, metal, plastic, finished wood, unfinished wood, terra-cotta, concrete, resin and more.  This paint is water-soluble, making it perfect for using indoor or out and the clean up is easy with soap and water.  No fumes or odor.

Glimmer Mist & Simply Sheer Mist – this mist paint was the first of its kind on the market and it is made with the same great formula.  This water-based sheer paint is liquid dye in a bottle with a touch of mica.  It is a great choice to adding color to porous surfaces such as raw wood, fabric, concrete, drywall, paper, lace, silk and more.  It is a great choice for staining wood projects, transforming a paper to a new color or making your own ribbon.  Note:  Glimmer Mist has mica and Simply sheer does not.  This is also a great choice for watercoloring.

Chalkboard Mist & Baseboard Mist – very similar to Glimmer Mist, this paint is semi-opaque mist that will offer richer color and stronger coverage.  Chalkboard Mist is the one with mica and Baseboard is pure pigment color with no glimmer or glam.

Glimmer Glam – if you love the look of glitter, but can do without the mess, this paint has the glitter submerged into the formula and when it dries the glitter dries in the paint, no mess and all the shimmer and shine you are looking for.  This paint dried to a smooth top-coat like finish and will cover virtually any surface.  It is a great choice for covering a wide range of craft objects, cover a table top or finished frames that need a makeover.


I began by painting the egg with ivory paint, you can use a light color like white, cream or ivory so the colors on top pop, I used the Ivory Decor & DIY paint. When dry I placed the egg on a small plastic medicine cup and started to spray different blue toned Tattered Angels Mists. I used both Glimmer Mists and Baseboard Mists. After a while I turned the egg the opposite way and did the same procedure once more. The runny effect turned out really cool.  When you paint it on a vertical surfaces that is a bit slick, the paint will create very fun drips down the object.


After drying I glued on some metal 7gypsies metal from my stash. The eyes was made by using Mini Round Hangers & Dome Studs. The beak is a Vintage Clip and the bottom of the nob on top of the head is a piece from the Industrial Gears.

The plate in the forehead comes from a pair of my old jeans…

All metal was painted in Orange & Sapphire Glimmer Glam.


 Well, I hope that I could inspire you today!

Products from Canvas Corp Brands:

7gypsies Industrial Gears 

7gypsies Mini Round Hangers Antique Silver

7gypsies Studs Dome Antique Brass

7gypsies Vintage Clips Antique Silver

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Sapphire

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Orange

Tattered Angels Decor & DIY paint Ivory

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Navy Blue

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Jack Frost

Tattered Angles Glimmer Mist Dragonfly

Tattered Angels Baseboard Wave

Tattered Angels Baseboard Sky

Canvas Home Basic Hemp Rope Aqua

So grab some random hardware parts, metal pieces from your stash or objects that would make great facial features and paint them if you don’t think they match your creation.  Tattered Angels High Impact Paint is another great option when covering random surfaces to transform them into metal or pigment colors.  

Have fun creating modern art that is just fun to do and find a great home on a shelf in the living room, desk in the study or maybe it is a perfect fit for the kids room.  

To see more of Marie’s work visit her blog – Create without Limits.  



Canvas Corp Brands is the home of Tattered Angels, 7Gypsies and Canvas Corp (Canvas Home Basics). We are a manufacturer of surfaces, paint and vintage reproductions coming to you from Springdale, Arkansas.

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