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I don’t know about you, but I feel like recently there has been so much “bad” news in the world. Everywhere you turn there’s news of sadness, bullying, hate, war, etc. Simultaneously, Halloween is around the corner, and although it’s not a malicious event, it’s still filled with imagery of wicked witches, etc. The combination of these thoughts got me thinking about love, compassion and consideration.

Today I’m sharing an art journal I created as a reminder to show my loving spirit to others, even when I’m not feeling it. I just started dabbling with art journaling about 2 months ago, and it is one of my favorite creative outlets now.  I love how carefree the process is, but how the meanings of the pages can still be so personal. To me, it’s like venting or talking it out through art. This page, for instance, is one that pertains to my own personal struggle with being kind, considerate, and passionate even when certain situations or people don’t initially bring out the best in me. I am constantly having to remind myself to love instead of hate, inspire and uplift instead of conspiring against certain people by pointing out their faults, and I also need to learn to bless people with my words instead of cursing them with gossip or slander. I figured there was no better focal point when referring to curses than the adorable image of the vintage witches from the “wicked gypsy” line.

wicked_gypsy 2

To start the page I used the Canvas Corp “black and ivory zig zag” paper as my base.  Then I used several tags and started layering. I used lots of Tattered Angels “Very Purple” plain jane mist to accent the purple from the Wicked Gypsies file folder. I really love this particular mist because it starts off as a deep purple color and then as it tries it has a blue tint to it as well.  I love the multi toned effect. I also used “its brown” and the high impact black paint in different areas to define the layers of tags I used on the background.


I can’t seem to leave a project without adding some fun texture, so with the help of  The Crafters Workshop I added some random texture with the “mini specimens” stencil.

As for my message, you can see that I wrote, “Remind myself to love instead of hate…inspire instead on conspire…always bless and never curse.” This message, above all else, is what this project is about. I hope I inspired you in one way or another! To think before you speak, love before you hate, and bless  before you curse.



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  1. October 2, 2014 @ 2:06 pm Agnieszka Bellaidea

    This is such a great post Misty, love what you created!


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