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New Product Feature – 7gypsies Ledgers, Journals and Books

Did someone say ‘vintage ledger’? We hope so… we all love them, we all want one, so we search near and far to secure one only to find that there are few and far between. Well, search no more! 7gypsies captured the essence of the old ledgers, vintage books and old journals to keep your memories, your art and your thoughts together. How do we describe the new, we mean ‘old is new again’ books? AMAZING… the detail, the thought put into each one, the quality… shall we go on? So, here are a few things you might want to know about the new collection…

Architextures Ledgers Journals and Books

  1. The books were inspired by books, ledgers and journals of the past.
  2. The inside pages are all printed to look nice and old, but on great quality paper.
  3. The papers are printed on 2 sides, so you can use both sides, making the number of pages twice as many as the  number of sheets in each book for which you can craft on.
  4. The books were designed to lie flat making it easier for you to paint, draw, sketch, write, glue or do with them whatever you wish.
  5. You can remove pages from all of the books, but to some them you cannot add or move the pages depending on the book style.
  6. Look for fun details on the inside of the books like postcards, inside cover book art and even a few envelopes.  No two books are alike and each one is designed a bit differently.
  7. The books range in size from 5″x6″ to 12’x16,” giving you a nice big range to choose from.creative notebook
  8. There are 9 different styles in the first collection.
  9. Each piece of art – both inside and out – was designed by the gypsy team and we love every detail.
  10. You can leave the covers as is or style them up.sewing art journal
  11. The books work amazingly with the new Architextures collection of products, but you can be free and use them for anything you wish…

Vintage Ledger 7gypsies

This large ledger measures 12″x16″ and is filled with ledger style printed pages.  The front cover is a vintage grey canvas fabric that is ready to be embellished or left just as it is to grow more beautiful with time.  

VIntage ledger pages

This inside of this magnificent book looks just like an old ledger, with lines and places ready for written words or ready to be covered with paints, mediums, stamps, stencils and more.  

To see all of the books, both inside and out, check out this fast-paced video that shows them all to you quickly….slow it down to see your favorites.


So now that we have your creative mind going, here is the complete list of books and the links to them in the Shop.

Architextures 16″x12″ Vintage Canvas Ledger – inspired by actual ledgers of the past

Architextures 12’x12″ Vintage Leather Ledger – inspired by vintage ledgers, but created in traditional 12’x12″ for scrapbooking and paper crafting

Architextures 12″x12″ Damask Composition Book – inspired by small, classroom comp books into a 12″x12″ version with great paper

Architextures 6″x9″ Floral Medallions Composition Book  – a fun size comp book with vintage style art inside and out

Architextures 5″x6″ Creative Journal Composition Book – a tiny journal style book to capture sketches, notes and ideas

Architextures 8.5″x11″ Mix & Match Bee Book – 8 different page styles on the inside that all were inspired by vintage art…this book let’s you add and remove pages and work one page at a time.

Architextures 6″x9″ Mix & Match Vintage Pink Book – 8 unique pages that are different from the Bee Book and so fun to use, again these pages can be added, moved and removed.

Architextures 8.5″x11″ Baroque Spiral Book – the coolest vintage spiral notebook you are every going to see

Architextures 5″x7″ Ledger Spiral Book – a tiny spiral that will slip into your purse or backpack and ready to capture memories, sketches or daily journal entry.


To read more about the books check out the 7gypsies website – Architextures Ledgers, Books and Journals – you can also see the rest of the collection right there too – 7gypsies Architextures.


If vintage is your style and you love to art journal, paint, write, sketch, take notes, add photos, etc. then we think you might have met the books that will complete your sentences.

Happy Creating – Vintage Style!!!



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