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In every soul appears the heart of a Gypsy: we wander, we travel, we dance and we sing. And while we wander, travel, dance and sing we experience moments— moments that make for memories that last a minute, a day, a month, a year… These moments are those that occur when everyone’s watching, and those that occur when no one’s watching. They’re those special little moments that present themselves in the uniqueness of our one-of-a-kind lives. A point in time that makes you blush, grin, smirk, tear, think, breath, dance, dream, wish, sigh, and helps you realize who you are.  These moments are Gypsy Moments.

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Gypsy Moments are meant to be captured and remembered, no matter how loud, goofy, irresponsible, dramatic, euphoric, regretful or blissful they are. It’s that moment you cheat and get a scone with your “skinny” vanilla latte. It’s that moment where you have the perfect words to say exactly what you need to say. It’s that moment when lady luck is on your side. It’s a day where you keep tripping for no apparent reason. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to laugh. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to cry. These moments are so ‘Gypsy.’ Gypsy Moments can be personal, but you can also pay them forward and make a Moment in someone else’s life. How to Capture the Moment: We believe these little moments shouldn’t be taken for granted, rather they should be captured and used to tell your story. 7Gypsies has designed “The Gypsy Moments Collection” to do just that. Capture the moment with a note, sketch or doodle on our Gypsy Moments cards. Store them in our decorative file folders and wooden crates. Display them on trays and other creative surfaces. We believe in documenting the ‘Moments’ in order to let them live on. So go take a chance. Inspire others. Make a difference. Smile really big on the outside. Yell really loud on the inside. Cheat a bit and get that scone. These are all ready to be documented as #gypsymoments.

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7Gypsies is so excited to launch a new creative concept for every-day journaling, Gypsy Moments. We found ourselves seeking an instant, yet creative way to document the little moments that present themselves in the uniqueness of our one of a kind lives— points in time that make us blush, grin, smirk, tear, think, breath, dance, dream, wish, sigh and help us realize who we are. Thus, ‘Gypsy Moments’ was born.

The emphasis of this collection is to incorporate a vintage theme into every-day journaling. For example, the collection includes pre-designed cards that capture how we are feeling at the moment, file folders that organize those moments and vintage crates that store the moments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And of course the line also includes tags, papers, naked items, charms and ephemera that can be used to embellish.

Gypsy Moments are also meant to be shared and to help shape the lives of others. Fill out a Gypsy Moments card and add to a greeting card or slip it onto a co-workers desk at just the right moment to make their day. For more on the Gypsy Moments story, visit

Gypsy Moment Cards

Little vintage designed cards that are two sided with plenty of space to capture the ‘moment’ and then ready to be stashed away in a folder, envelope, journal or little paper bag. Each pack has 10 of the same style, so find the perfect little vintage tray or use one of our new Vintage Photo Crates so they are ready to go when a ‘moment’ needs to be captured.

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Gypsy Moment Crates

Perfect for photos and so much more, these vintage style mini crates hold anything 4″x6″ including: photos, file folders, recipe cards, post cards, note cards, mini books and more. Also great for mini gift baskets, photo storage, scrapbooks in a crate and other fun paper crafting projects. Vintage ATC Crate – Perfect for holding business cards, calling cards or storing Artist Trading Cards. Try our ATC file folders that were designed to fit right in and organize anything that is mini. Also great for tiny gift baskets, wallet size photos, custom business card holders for a desk and more.


Gypsy Moment File Folders

Available in two sizes, these fun little folders fit right into our Vintage Crates and help store, organize and add fun design to your Gypsy Moments Projects. They are also great for creating greeting cards, gifting photos, DIY gift card holders or just because. Our Vintage File Folders are great companions to the line and just work so well together.


Gypsy Moment Tags

This new collection of tags coordinates with Gypsy Moments, but each tag was designed to stand on its own. Designed as vintage inspired tags that are perfect for adding to handmade gifts, homemade goodies, holiday gift wrap, birthday presents or just because. 10 tags of the same design per pack, so pick your favorite.



The line comes together in our Gypsy Moments Look Book, where you will find a complete collection of projects and ideas. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Hanging Memory Keeper

This clever tray is filled with pockets of paper, file folders and fabric that are ready to store finished Gypsy Moments Cards or house those just waiting for their moment. Beautiful to look at and functional as a living journal of your Gypsy Moments.

Gypsy Moments Crate

Looking for a fun way to store you moments, try this fun little project which offers an easy way to organize and store your moments, photos, tickets and mementos of the days of your life, our Vintage Photo Crates hold so much more.

Little Moments Journal

Personal journaling is so popular and here is a way to bring in the fun of mixed media, vintage and personal journaling together into a journal filled with texture, dimension and heart.

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