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Paint a Galaxy on a Longboard With Tattered Angels Paint

Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with a galaxy painted longboard  using Tattered Angels High Impact Paint. Both the variety of colors and the quick drying nature of this acrylic paint were reasons my daughter chose High Impact Paint for this project. The fact that I own all of the paint colors and encourage my children to use them may also have effected her decision!

 When AJ’s friend purchased her new longboard she knew she wanted something unique and memorable painted on the underside. She also knew who to bring her new board to for that design. She and AJ decided on a galaxy painted in a pattern that echoed the shapes on the front.

roll of paper
cotton pads
narrow paint brush
washi tape

Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Aqua
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Turquoise
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Blue
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Light Pink
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Hot Pink
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Purple
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – White
Tattered Angels High Impact Paint – Wheat

 AJ traced the edge of the longboard onto paper then drew out the pattern of shapes from the front.

After sanding the back of the board she cut out the two sections and taped them in place. She used Washi tape so as not to leave a residue. Tetsu observed the process closely, watching for errors and sprinkling cat hair about generously.

 The paper was a guide for tape placement so it was removed once the tape was secure.

We’ve had lovely weather so the longboard project was moved in and outside as the week progressed. Here Tetsu demonstrates the proper way to hold a board down while his beloved girl paints.

The paint is dabbed on the board using a cotton pad with drying time between layers of color. The blues were painted on first. Aqua and Turquoise take up the center with spare amounts of Blue. Light Pink and Hot Pink edge the blues and save place for generous amounts of Purple.

 Each layer of the paint dampens the one beneath it. this extends drying times as the project progresses. A final layer of Turquoise gives the galaxy just the look she was aiming for.

 After about an hour of drying time AJ removed the tape. She left the board overnight to dry completely. A few stray drips and smears were easily cleaned up with a damp cotton pad.

 The pattern of shapes from the front is painted over the galaxy in White with a narrow paintbrush.

Stars are added to the galaxy using a toothpick and Tattered Angels High Impact Paint in both Wheat and White.

The board will need several layers of varnish to protect the design. The owner of the longboard will complete that part of the project. But here are a few snaps of the board and artist before we return it to the owner.
 The Big Eyed Kitty inspected the board and concluded that it was completed satisfactorily.
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Scrap On!

~Charity Hotrum~


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  1. August 31, 2018 @ 1:08 pm Michelle Wells

    Beautufully done! Such talent!


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